The Sleep Innovations 12 inch memory foam mattress is not the cheapest memory foam bed, but it is definitely the most inexpensive amazing bed that is made from memory foam! Prior to taking a look at the Sleep Innovations mattress, I had never even heard of the brand; however, upon reading up the hundreds of consumer reviews, I had realized that it deserved a more in depth analysis. This article has no intentions of selling you this specific mattress; but rather, it is designed to open your eyes to the possibility of purchasing an inexpensive mattress that is made from memory foam, and will last you a very long time.

Taking a look at all of the Tempur-Pedic and Serta consumer reviews made me wonder what all of the hype was about! These two brands are the most reputable in the industry, yet, very few people like their products! Sleep Innovations on the other hand, has produced the cheapest memory foam bed that will also allow the consumer to sleep well for years to come!

This Is Not The Cheapest Memory Foam Bed; However, The Sleep Innovations Mattress Offers The Best Bang For Your Buck

As was stated in the first paragraph of the article, this is definitely not the memory foam mattress with the lowest price tag; there are many mattresses that can be purchased for well under $200. However, the majority of those mattresses that are purchased for the absurdly low prices will only last the consumer 1 or 2 years. In addition, most of those mattresses are not made from decent material.

The Sleep Innovations Mattress that is featured in this article offers the most quality for the lowest price. Choosing to buy the cheapest memory foam bed on the market will probably save you a few hundred dollars at the register, but will cost you more money in the long run. The $100 memory foam mattress that you buy will last you about 1 year before the memory foam material loses its functionality; whereas, choosing the Sleep Innovations 12 inch mattress will cost you about $400 at the cash register, and last you well over 5 years. I would definitely recommend spending a little bit more on the Sleep Innovations mattress if you are looking for a long term investment that will allow you to sleep comfortably at night.

The Sleep Innovations 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Will Cost You About $400 On Amazon

The moment that you mention the words cheapest memory foam bed to people, they will automatically imagine you spending at least $1000. This is simply because all of the other companies such as Sealy and Serta charge a whopping $1500-$3000 for their memory foam mattresses! Therefore, most people can’t imagine a good quality mattress being sold for much less than that.

The one downside to buying products such as beds and mattresses from an online marketplace such as Amazon is that you cannot physically lay down on them and judge how comfortable they are. With that being said, one of the only ways to get an idea of the cheapest memory foam bed’s degree of comfort through the internet is to read through a plethora of consumer reviews. By a plethora, I do not mean reading through the summary of 5 or 6 reviews; but rather, I mean that you should read through as many as you can find! You should definitely take a look at the 12 inch Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon, and see if it suits your needs.

This Cheap Memory Foam Bed Is Available In Many Sizes-California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin

There is nothing worse than researching and comparing the cheapest memory foam bed to the models from other brands, only to find out that it is not available in the size that you wanted. Sleep Innovations has made their 12 inch memory foam mattress available in the most common sizes: California King, Full, King, Queen, and Twin.

Another thing that you should note about the various sizes of this specific type of mattress is that they are priced accordingly. Some brands offer their mattresses at a set price; you will be paying the same price regardless of you getting the smallest mattress or the largest one! However, Sleep Innovations has priced their cheapest memory foam bed according to the amount of material that was used to make it.

This translates to a much better price because you are only paying for the amount of material that is used to make your memory foam mattress. The other brands that charge a standard price regardless of the size of the mattress usually set the price according to the largest possible mattress size; this means that the individuals that are buying a twin sized memory foam mattress are getting ripped off!

At The End Of The Day, You Should Choose The Cheapest Memory Foam Bed That You Feel Comfortable In

Just because the majority of people feel comfortable when laying down on this Sleep Innovations 12 inch mattress, doesn’t mean that you will feel comfortable doing the same thing.  You might only feel comfortable when sleeping in the $800 mattress! At the end of the day, you should narrow your selection down to about 5 mattresses that you feel comfortable in; you should then choose the cheapest memory foam bed out of that narrowed down selection.

You must also remember that you will probably be sleeping on this mattress every night for the next 5-6 years at a bare minimum! With that being said, you should really take some extra time to determine whether or not you truly feel comfortable.

Whether you spend $400 on the Sleep Innovations 12 inch mattress or $3000 on Serta’s top model mattress, you should be sure that you will be getting the best possible night’s rest! Beds are for falling asleep and waking up in a comfortable manner; that is the ultimate goal that you should never let out of your sight!