When is the best time to go to Las Vegas? That is a common question from people who are planning a vacation to Las Vegas for the first time. The short answer is that there is no bad time to visit Las Vegas, but some months are better than others. The best month for you to visit Las Vegas depends on what you are wanting to do and what you seek value wise from your Las Vegas vacation.

Budget Travelers to Las Vegas

If you are simply seeking a budget friendly trip to Las Vegas then price out your tickets for various dates, and choose the months and weeks that are the cheapest. The average prices and cheapest months vary a little bit depending on if any major conferences are in town, but for the most part the cheapest months to visit Las Vegas are:

  • July
  • August
  • January
  • February

July and August are usually the cheapest months because avid travelers to Las Vegas want to avoid the heat. Las Vegas is a Desert and can get extremely hot during the summer time. Extreme heat is definitely no reason to avoid Las Vegas, especially if you are looking for a budget Las Vegas vacation.

If you are visiting Las Vegas during the high heat of July and August then you can spend your days playing in Air-conditioned casinos and swimming in pools. Evening times can also be extremely hot, but it tends to cool down a little bit once the sun sets. If you are wanting to walk around parts of the strip nighttime is a great time to do it during the high heat.

Another place to consider is Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Experience. The canopy that runs through the entire Fremont Street Experience area helps to shade and keep the temperature a bit cooler. It will still be hot at the Fremont Experience, but there are so many Casinos and shops sitting next to each other that you can easily spend a hot Vegas summer day simply wandering from one air-conditioned business to the next air-conditioned spot.

January and February are often slow months for Vegas, but nowhere near the drop off in the number of visitors as the hot months of July and August are. A lot of people travel to Las Vegas for Christmas and New Years Eve. After New Year's Eve there is usually a drop in the number of tourists. The more hotel vacancies in Vegas then generally the cheaper you can get a room for.

If you are simply looking to travel to Las Vegas for the cheapest vacation, the price out Vacation packages to Vegas on travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity. You can also price out multiple websites at once using Kayak.com. Sometimes simply adjusting your travel dates by a few days can result in hundreds of dollars saved.

If you want a cheap Vegas Vacation package, then your best bet is during the hot months of July and August. Las Vegas is a fun city to visit, and I would rather spend two weeks in Las Vegas during the hot summer months then only a few days during the cooler months. Make sure you eat at one of the 6 best buffets in Las Vegas when you are there. You can also read How to Plan a Trip to Las Vegas to help you if you have never been to Sin City before.