You might want to buy school sports equipment to try to make your children more active. Buying the same make and model that your child’s school or nursery uses can make them feel more comfortable and more likely to use it. Sports equipment can be very pricey with clothing, bats, balls and other items quickly adding up to costing hundreds if not thousands.

In this article we are going to look at what the cheapest places are to buy sports equipment for school or for use at home. We also have articles on where to buy the best school furniture, school uniforms online, school playground equipment and nursery school equipment.

What school sports equipment do you really need?

As this equipment is costing so much, you should be picky with what you buy. If your children are part of a school sports club or are particularly interested in a sport, I would advise buying that sports equipment to start off with as your children are more likely to play with the equipment.  Sustaining interest in the sport does become quite difficult after the initial fun factor has worn off. Playing it as a family, and of course allowing your children to win from time to time, can help massively with sustaining your child’s interest.

What is the best time to buy school sports equipment?

 You can often get better deals if you buy online, or buy at the start or very end of the season. October time can often produce some excellent deals as stores clear their summer stocks ready for the Christmas rush. If you aren’t desperate for a particular item then waiting for it to go on sale will obviously reduce its cost. Planning what you might want to buy for the next season in advanced can help you to buy your sports equipment at a large discount,  as no sports retailer has their goods on offer on a hot summers day. Winter sports goods are best bought during summer, especially from stores which may specialize in them. Custom fitted ski boots and helmets can be particularly cheap around these times due to the manufacturers not being used at full capacity. 

Group discounts

If you are buying sports equipment for your children to practice for a school club, there is a good chance that there are many other parents in the same position as you – wanting to buy some sporting goods like tennis rackets, badminton, footballs and clothing like branded sports tops. Ask the teams coach if a scheme already exists, or get together with a few fellow parents to see what you can achieve. You can even do this online with groups of fellow parents in a certain town or area. If you can order the goods to one central location you should be able to make it work with some planning.

Online or offline to buy sports goods

Online stores are usually the cheapest, although they may not offer the sales and deals in order to clear their shelves for the Christmas rush. Standard sports equipment like balls, rackets and bags are probably best bought from online shops like Amazon because of the price difference. Gear which needs to be fitted to your child, like protective helmets or clothing may be better bought from a brick and mortar stores as you can more easily try it on for size. Branded tops and equipment with school or club logos on may also be offered, rather than buying and applying the logo yourself. 

Buying second hand

Buying second hand could give you better value for money. You should only buy sports goods which aren’t going to wear out such as nets, or buy goods which you know haven’t been used much – so that they have a lot of usable life left in them. If you decide to buy second hand then I would always buy brands which you know are well made and are quality products. Buying off brand second hand is too much of a risk in my opinion, unless you have come across the product before or it is recommended to you.

Why spending more money might be cheaper in the long run

Spending more money on a product can often provide you with something that is better made. If it is higher quality and better made you would hope that it will last longer and give better value over time. If you are going to use a piece of sports equipment for years then I would always recommend spending as much as you could afford, only if you really are getting a better product though. The potential resale value is what could really be affected though, a branded product might sell much better on online sites like Amazon or eBay. The extra value in the resale might justify the extra initial outlay – allowing you to use a better product for the same price as the less expensive and inferior one. This is particularly important if your children are just starting a sport, as they may wish to upgrade in a few months, allowing you to sell the equipment only a few months into its usage and reinvest the money.


To buy school sports equipment cheaply you should:

  • Buy second hand to get better products – if they have a usable life in them.
  • Buy in groups to get larger bulk order discounts.
  • Spend more money on a product in order to secure a better resale value if you think you might want to upgrade in the near future.
  • Work hard to make playing the sport fun – play as family and let your children win from time to time.


The cheapest places to buy school sports equipment is online for branded gear like balls and rackets, but I prefer buying in a store for gear which needs trying on or which has teams logos on. Where do you buy your school sports equipment? Do you always buy from Amazon? When is your favourite time to buy school sports equipment? Feel free to leave a comment below.