Looking to go on a cruise to Baja California?  There are cruises departing all the time to various destinations along Baja California including Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The most common departure ports are the Long Beach cruise ship terminal in the Los Angeles metro area and the San Diego cruise Ship terminal located in the heart of San Diego, CA.

These cruises basically depart every week all throughout the year and there are usually at least two cruises to choose from every week.  If you are interested in any of the longer cruises lasting a week or more then your options balloon somewhat quickly as cruise ships in the Princess and Holland America lines becomes options.

Obviously the shorter cruises will be cheaper on a relative basis.  The longer cruises may however be cheaper on a per night basis but the time of year typically has more to do with the cost of your cruise than just about any other variable. If you want to cruise in July or August the prices will be much more expensive than if you want to cruise in January or February.

According to prices quoted by CruiseDirect.com the cost of cruising in the middle of the winter are usually half that of cruising during the prime summer months.  The winter months may not seem like a great time to go on a cruise and although they might not be ideal the weather in Baja is not bad at all even during the peak of the winter, however if you want to plan your trip around the calendar omitting the winter as an option your next best bet is probably late Fall before Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving in the first week of December.  These sail dates give you a little more chance at having warmer weather but the prices are almost always just as low.

As always, if you want to keep the cost of your cruise down you shouldn’t shop on impulse.  Make sure to monitor the prices of these sailings months in advance of your trip and only book them when they go on sale.  Carnival, which operates many of these short duration, one week or less cruises, often gives you a best price guarantee meaning that if you book directly through them and then a sale hits you will still get the lower price if you call and ask for it.  It still may be worth it to book through the cruise companies like CruiseDircet however as they will sometimes offer similar low prices as well as other perks like discounted shore excursions, cash back to apply towards on board expenses or gratuity, or shopping in the duty free store on board.

If you do end up wanting to get off the boat and see the mainland at you ports of call another tip to keep costs low is to wait entirely on booking your shore excursions.  The destinations always have similar if not identical excursions for cruise ship patrons for less than the official one’s offered by the cruise liners before and during the cruise.  Many of the sightseeing tours can even be done on your own without the need of paying anyone.  Just pull up a map of your location ahead of time and give yourself an idean of where you want to go on foot when you arrive.  By doing this you can save more money on your cruise and make the trip even more affordable for you and your family.