Barney Stinson of CBS's How I Met Your Mother is a king when it comes to inventing his own theories, his own sentences and his own words. One of the theories he explains in the show is 'the cheerleader effect'.

Ever seen a group of women that seem hot? A group of blond girls having fun at the mall or something? They really do seem hot right? No they don't. If you pick out each girl individually they seem to be gross and definitely not your type..

This is called the cheerleader effect. The Cheerleader Effect is when a group of women seem hot, but only as a group. Of course, the name explains itself. Cheerleaders always seem hot, especially when you are at a football game where you see only guys all the time. But if you would finally get a floor seat at a basketball game and you will be able to take a real good look at the cheerleaders, you will notice that they aren't as hot as expected.

Cheerleaders are a perfect example. They dance around, were the cool kids in high school and are most of the time  kinda hot. But are there more groups which could make you fall victim to the Cheerleader Effect? Let's name a few.

The Cheerleader Effect in action

  • Sororities. A big one I suppose. Where the cheerleaders were the cool girls in high school, this are the cool girls in college. Always with a lot of girls, always chatty and spontaneous. But, are they hot individually? I would doubt so.
  • Girl pop groups. Barney Stinson himself calls it the 'the Spice Girls Conspiracy'. Nowadays we would call it 'Pussycat Dolls Delusion' probably!
  • Stewardesses. Always in big groups walking around the airport. The know their destination and walk straight to the right gate. When you look you will always see men look over their shoulders because they always seem to be hot. But is it the uniform? Is their position? Or the Cheerleader Effect? Definitely not the hot looking girls!
Well, to make a long point short, the Cheerleader Effect is around us, all the time. How to cope with it? By knowing. When you know that this effect exists, you can play around it. We should be grateful to Barney, because he pointed this out in the Bro Code. From now on, when you see a group of girls, understand that they are only hot because they are in a group. Seek out the lonely good looking girls, because they are for real!