There are 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, each one with a different meaning. So what do they all mean? Essentially, each animal is sort of like a personality indicator, at least to some extent. Each animal has it's own meaning, some claiming with incredible accuracy.

How accurate are the Chinese Zodiac sign for you? Why not take a look, it's very interesting. You may find out a little something about yourself. Then again, you may think it's completely off.

No, it's not an insult, it's actually a compliment. These are said to be charming and generous, as well as imaginative. On the flip side, people with these Chinese Zodiac sign are also quick tempered and critical.

Again, not a big dumb ox, not at all. People with these Chinese Zodiac signs are conservative, and great with their hands. If you are an ox, try to be a chauvinist, or demand things your own way all the time.

Very sensitive and emotional, people that are tigers are generally great at the game of love. Try not to be too hot tempered, as tigers usually are, and you'll be just fine.

Those with this Chinese Zodiac sign are often very popular, but a little foolish, with a tendency to have a big mouth. Intelligence and attention to detail set the dragon apart from others.

Wise and charming, along with romantic, making you a prime catch for the opposite sex. Try not to procrastinate too much and you'll be just fine if this is your Chinese Zodiac sign.

Hard working and independent best fits those with this Chinese Zodiac sign. You are adventurous and friendly.

Well, many of these people have a tendency to make a bad first impression. Still, goats can be charming people. Don't let your need to complain interfere with your artistic side.

Intelligent and clever, with a magnetic personality, people with these Chinese Zodiac signs are fun to be around. On the flip side, they tend to be distrustful of others.

If this is your Chinese Zodiac sign you tend to be a shrewd decision maker and hard worker. You speak your mind, and love to dream. Others often see you as arrogant, so keep it to a minimum.

Not a low down, dirty dog, just the opposite. Dogs are loyal to the ones they love and are very honest. While they tend to find fault in everything, they are good friends to have.

Not to be confused with a bore, you are a great friend and very sincere and honest. In addition you are tolerant of others, but you seek materialism way too often.

Those with these Chinese Zodiac signs are often quite popular, due in large part to your protective nature. You will protect those you love, but you tend to idealize relationships. Try not to suffocate your partner with constant attention.

What's your Chinese Zodiac sign? Did it match? Are you sure?