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The Chirp app is an innovative new piece of software for smartphones from Animal Systems. Its purpose is to make the sharing of files between phones incredibly easy. It has always been possible to transfer files using a bluetooth or wi-fi connection, however this involves having to pair the devices to allow the transfer to happen. The Chirp app makes things far simpler, and allows a user to send a file to multiple other devices within the same area.


It does this using sound. The sending phone emits a two second sound, similar to a bird call. This unique digital birdsong contains the location of the file on Animal System's servers. Any other smartphones in the area that have the Chirp app installed and running will register the sound, and the file will automatically be transferred. It is quick, easy, and convenient, and the app is designed to work even in noisy environments. It is specifically engineered to pick up the distinct sound of a chirp among other noises.


Pictures, website URLs, and text messages of up to one hundred and fifty characters can all be sent in this way. It is not even necessary to be connected to the Internet to receive a chirp, as the Chirp app will store the code until a connection can be made and the file transfer can occur. Animal Systems have been keen to point out that no questionable or illegal material can be shared using Chirp, so users can feel safe having the app installed.


The Chirp app has been generating a lot of excitement because it is new, innovative, and fun, but most importantly because it has huge potential. It will eventually be possible to chirp using a variety of different devices. Television and radio shows could chirp content to viewers and listeners. Podcasts and YouTube videos could provide extra information in chirps. Musical artists could chirp special bonus content to their fans at concerts, and chirps could be played out over tannoy systems at sports grounds.


The list of possibilities is endless, and as a result it seems inevitable that the demand for the Chirp app will be huge. It is free for basic users, but its potential use for marketing campaigns means that businesses can purchase additional premium services. Although it is currently only available on iOS for the iPhone and iPad, an Android Chirp app is in development, and should be available soon. With an expansion of the user base the convenience of Chirp, and its functionality, means that in time it could very well become the industry standard for the transfer of digital data between devices.