Something as basic as a cat litter box seems so simple, but still pet stores seem to confuse us by manufacturing a large variety of all sizes, shapes and colors. You may say that when the choice is tough go with the cheapest deal. This sometimes works out, but for many buying something different from what they are used to gives them a lot less stress because these trays can do just that - stress you out!

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Those that come with batteries seemed to be a phase at one point, but they are much more than just another fad. In fact, this is something that many people are turning to. However, covered cat litter boxes as well as a plain old train are equally popular - this all depends on the individual at the end of the day- and of course the cat!

Automatic cat litter boxes

When first thinking about this I thought to myself that it's just some kind of gimmick, but that is definitely not the case. This works well if you lead a busy life or if you have more than one cat in the house. In that case it would mean you would have to rush around cleaning out trays before going off to work. The automatic box is really useful because it reduces the work load. It will fill, clean and rake. You can set a schedule and usually a couple of minutes after the cat has been to the litter tray it will be cleaned, making life a lot easier for you.

The adaption is either battery operated or it can be plugged in. It works with sensors so they know when to start cleaning. The waste is scooped into a separate place outside  with a raking system.You will just have to empty the bag once a day and replace it with a fresh one.

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Covered cat litter boxes

Of course there are pros and cons to everything you look at. Some people say you should experiment with different types. I feel that would get rather pricey. Looking at your cat you may be able to assess what he may need. Covered litter boxes are useful because they will keep the litter in the tray. Shy cats will probably like this kind of tray because they will want some privacy. If you have a big cat the negatives are that he may feel uncomfortable turning around.

Large cat litter boxes

Your cat might think that these are best cat litter boxes around because to use something small for any cat is just a nightmare. This is one of the reasons they refuse to use a box and people don't understand the problem.  Many people have stuck to the traditional tray, but keeping it to a larger size. If you are used to doing things in a certain way you may just want to stick with it.

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Although it is important to remember to look after your cat as you would like someone to look after you. It's never great to go a toilet that has not been flushed. In the same way you should make sure you clean your tray twice a day. Using clumping litter is going to help you take the urine out as well, which is important for you kitty.

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