The Christmas Spirit: Making Money in the Holidays

Are you going over your Christmas gifts and going crazy in the process. Do you really want to give your uncle those inflatable pants with an installed warmer he raves about all the time-the kind he can wear to football games? Or the urine depositor that straps on his leg and directs the urine into a pouch? No more missing that field goal or the 67 yard kickoff runback. Do you want to give your only surviving aunt a gold plated commode? Or, as you look at the mounting Christmas cost, are you going to play Scrooge this winter and give nothing? But if you do open your purse, how are you going to decide who gets expensive gifts and who gets nothing? The first step is to plan a budget.

The budget can be divided into three groups. The first group is the one you will spend most on, your family and significant others, such as a fiancé. Next comes close friends on which you spend less and finally there is the third group on which you spend next to nothing, if that. Plan to spend more on the first group but execute that plan by shopping early. The more expensive the item, the more time you should spend on finding the best bargain for buying it. So, again we find that time is money. In this case the time is research time..Market research: what are you getting for X amount of dollars?

Source Income: Santa Claus and Christmas

Now suppose you have scraped together the purchase value of all your planned gifts and the thought occurs to you, how will you replace it? If you take a savings account approach, you could open a Christmas Savings Club Account at your local bank. But still it occurs to you that you should replace this money. Well, this is good seasonal news, for during Christmas there are many part time jobs available that are unique to the Christmas season. For example, you could don a Santa Claus outfit and become the cheerful old guy. If this appeals to you, walk into any major apartment story or hotel and speak with the manager. Tell the manager that you would like to be Santa Clause for this season. If you pass the background check, management will furnish you white beard, your tummy and your red suit. It is up to you to play the role. You can get tips on this part by checking out videos on Santa from your local library. This will save you money, because if you go to a commercial rental agency, you will have to rent the video for a fee. You will also need to know a bit about the merchandise in the store. Remember, your being there is not totally altruistic; you are part of a business ---promoting good will for the hotel or department store. And, mentioning some of the gifts they have available. Also, remember that you can multiply your income from this adventure by involving your whole family. Santa needs his elves, his faeries, and gnomes to round out his business. If you can make your own Santa outfit, you could then offer your services for home visitation s for Christmas parties in your area. You can also Scype with others on Internet and respond to mail from boys and girls. If you get really serious, you can dye your beard white and cultivate your tummy, go to Santa School in Michigan and then, when you graduate, set up your own Santa business. You can do this in the summer so that by fall you would be finished in time to get a premium spot on Being Santa. You could develop a transportation system, driving folks around for a contribution to Santa's Reindeer Fund. If you are operating on a modest budget, you can always sell Christmas trees. Know your trees inside and out and lead your customs to the very tree they have in mind. This way you build spirit and the customers also build your spirit. Always praise your customers on their choices. You can use resources that are right in front of you, such as your family recipes for the best eggnog in town, the best pumpkin and mincemeat pie and the best methods of cooking turkey so that it is moist and flavorful, not dry as the desert sand. If you do this over time, you may develop enough skill to form your own catering service. If not, you can still write up your family recipes and sell them over the internet. And if you are a doer in home building and repair, you could offer your skills of stringing Christmas Lights for interior and exterior home display.If you have a literary bent, you can organize a non-credit workshop on Christmas Stories based on literary classics, such as A Christmas Carol, by Dickens or The Gift of the Magi by O'Henry. If you enjoy acting you can design a skit base on the Dickens or O'Henry story and enact it for a fee. If you have a bent for fashion design you can create a Christmas dress or jacket which appeals to an upscale market. This is designed to be worn to Christmas parties.

If you have an MA, you can always teach a course for a university. Most of these courses end around fall, so you will be ready to teach then. You can check your taxes and see if you are due money this year and if so, many tax preparation services will cut you a check for the refund and then they will collect from the feds. This earned money may cover your Christmas expense.

Remember that in your budget, you will give gifts to groups one and two. The third group will get a nice Christmas card. Keep in mind that there will be more demand for Christmas cards this Christmas because people are spending less on material gifts. This is where the internet intervenes and solves some of the financial problem. You can send virtual flowers and even virtual baskets of flowers over the internet for free.

If you still feel compelled to give gifts, checkout who on your list likes cats. Pick up a street kitty and tie a Christmas ribbon around its neck and give it to the person who already has too many cats. Happy New Year, Hanukah, and Christmas!