New Orleans is visited by writers,artists and celebraties from all over the world.The French Quarter known as the "Quarter" by locals is one of New Orleans oldest neighborhoods and a popular spot.

Writers such as Mark Twain visited often.Well known Jazz legends like Jelly Roll Martin and Louis Armstrong played in New Orleans. Today celebraties can be seen in New Orleans often on holiday. Artist singer Harry Coniff Jr. is a native of New Orleans.

The artitecture in this historic city is a mix of Spanish,French and American. The cast iron fences and balconies are famous. They are shown in many movies and photos. These were added after 1850 when Baroness Ponalba had them made onto her fashion consious row houses close to Jackson Square.

The crusine in the city of New Orleans is AMAZING. Restrauants serve native dishes such as shrimp gumbo,turtle soup,bananas foster, Fried Oysters and Oysters Casion.

Try eating the large filling Poor Boy sandwich . It is a TRUE comfort food. The Poor Boy can be made with seafood,fried shrimp,oysters or catfish. It is put on a freshly baked French Bread split down the middle. The Poor Boy orginally was made at Martin Brothers ,a small coffee stand,in 1922.


A Red beans and rice dish is another great choice. The dish is made with red beans , Sauage, a large onion. and cajun seasoning. In the beginning a poor mans meal when served over white rice it is ummm ummm good!

New Orleans is famous for the Mardi Gras Carnival which is one huge party.Always held on a Tuesday there are Parades,costumes,bead throwing and floats . Mardi Gras takes place Feb.16,2010.

Bead ThrowsNew Orleans Riverboat

In the Twelth Night celebration Joan of Arc's 598th brithday will be recognized in the French Quarter Jan.6,2010. Joan is called "The Maid Of Orleans". She led in France's battle against the English in the Hundred YearsWar. At the Joan of Arc Fete , the corner of Canter and Deatur Street at the Beinville House Hotel, Joan dressed in elaborate costume will be re-enacted finding her sword at the chapel of St.Catherine in France. Of course there will be throws and caberet shows also.

There are free French classes medieval music,medieval costumes,dancing ,theatre performances and bagpipes. Celebraty chef and television star Rachel Ray will be riding Grand Marshal in the Argus Parade in Metairie.

There are Nine parades on Mardie Gras day,Rex being the most noted. The Carnival colors are purple for justice,green for faith and gold for power . Tons 0f beads and fake coins are thrown to the crowds.

The New orleans Jazz Fest is this April 23-25 and April 29-May 2 featuring Pearl Jam,Van Morrison,Aretha Franklin,Lionel Richie,B.B. King ,Pete Fountain,Jonny Lang and many more artists.The first Jazz Fest lineup included Duke Ellington,Pete Fountain Al Hirt,Fat's Domino and more.