Everyone Can Be a Chef With the Help of this Kitchenaid

Thousands of people wish that cooking were much easier to master.  Kitchenaid claims to solve this problem, by making cooking so easy, that just about anyone can create wonderful food. At first, I was skeptical, but truly, this hunk of machinery isn’t so bad after all. KitchenAide’s KSM75 Classic Plus Tilt-Head 4-1/2 Quart Stand Mixer includes three different types of mixing beaters, a range of mixing speeds, and can do more than just mix ingredients. KitchenAide’s standing mixer is like a personal chef’s assistant.


When you buy a Kitchenaid standing mixer, you get three different types of mixing beaters, which gives you the ability to mix just about anything, from whipped topping to thick rice crispy treats. These beaters, which includes the whisk, dough hook, and flat beater, are removable, making beaters super easy to switch during the mixing process. There is, however, only one of each type provided with the original purchase. The KSM75 Classic standing mixer comes in a variety of colors, and the bowl is stainless steel so you never need to worry about your ingredients staining the metal. My favorite part of owning this machine is that having removable beaters makes cleaning effortless. Simply take off the beater, rinse it under warm water and stick it in the dishwasher. Each removable attachment is dishwasher safe, and the small size of each attachment makes it easy to store away. Now you can throw away those large tangled whisks, and pesky, splintering, wooden spoons. Kitchenaid offers the ability to mix different types of ingredients with trouble-free cleaning.

KitchenAide’s standing mixer can now do much more than mix. New attachments offer the ability to grind meat, make ice cream, and make your own pasta noodles and more without difficulty. By using the meat grinder attachment, you can make your own sausage or meat balls. With the noodle attachment, you can make the dough in the mixing bowl, and string each noodle out perfectly by using the attachment. No more dehydrated plain noodles from the store. If you have never tried to make homemade ice cream for your family, you can make the first time a perfect success with the ice cream maker attachment.  Even use the new attachments while you mix. Make your own spaghetti with meatballs and fresh homemade ice cream, and cut the meal’s normal cooking time in half. The only drawback is that you have to purchase these attachments separately. You can make large batches of all different varieties of foods without the large mess. The mixing bowl can hold five quarts, or four and a half loaves of bread. That’s nine dozen batches of cookies.  All holiday sized meals take less time to make with the Kitchenaid mixer. You can be proud of your standing mixer, because all Kitchenaid products are made in Ohio, U.S.A. The only complaint that I have for this mixer is that it is extremely heavy, and while that offers great stability, it also makes it harder to move from place to place. Probably a good idea not to let the kids move this from counter to counter, and always wear shoes when moving the mixer.   

Make Your Life Easier

It can be so easy to strain your back and shoulders when you need to mix things such as marshmallow or yeast dough by hand. The standing mixer is a relief because it does the heavy work for you. This Kitchenaid mixer doesn’t even break a sweat. It could probably even mix concrete with ease, but please don’t try that at home. Each mixer has a variety of mixing speeds to choose from and with only a simple flick of the switch. The speeds start at a low speed of one and goes up to a pretty fast ten. The whisk on top speed can fluff up meringue in seconds. The flat beater on the lowest speed can thoroughly mix blueberries into pancake batter, without making purple colored batter. As long as you scrape the bottom of the bowl every once in a while, the mix will not clump or bruise. Every recipe’s success starts at the mix, and now it is much easier to achieve cooking perfection with the Kitchenaid standing mixer.


No other commercial mixers are comparable to the Kitchenaide Standing mixers and attachments, because no other mixers offer different types of beaters, a variety of speeds, and the ability to do more than mix. Whether you cook for fun, or you burn everything you touch, Kitchenaide can make anyone a chef.