The Clean Diet.

The Secrets To Health & Wellbeing

It’s been proven over and over that fad diets are ineffective and a big waste of time if your goal is to become healthy and naturally thin. If you’re looking for a clean diet you have a lot of choices when it comes to eating healthy foods which are not only nutritional, but help you maintain your weight more effectively. A clean diet helps both health and fitness seekers develop proper eating habits throughout the week to lose weight naturally. Whether your goals are to increase performance in sports or lose weight and build muscle, learning to eat properly is a major component to a successful outcome.

It is a fairly common misconception that only people who want to lose weight should alter their diet in any way, but those who want to excel at sports that require speed and agility should also begin eating a clean diet. In fact, most successful athletes are lean and mean simply because they eat more fresh vegetables during dinner and they eat sensibly throughout the day.
Beginning a clean diet means totally changing your lifestyle instead of simply following a diet plan. You have to commit to eating only high quality foods in their natural state. High quality foods are those which are free of anything that’s not natural. Avoid eating food that’s processed and anything that contains unnatural additives.

Once you begin eating clean foods and drinking fruit juices, you will gradually notice you have more energy during the day and you’ll wake up every morning feeling well rested. You’ll also begin to slowly lose weight and improve your performance in sports and weight lifting.
You should also avoid eating overly acidic foods by integrating an alkaline diet into your routine. An alkaline diet helps maintain proper PH levels and it helps ward off illnesses and chronic diseases such as arthritis. In fact, if you currently suffer from a chronic disease, an alkaline diet can actually reverse the symptoms and slowly eliminate any pain associated with the illness.

An alkaline diet works well because it maintains a body’s PH level to 7.3 which is known to help vital organs function at peak performance. A well balanced diet helps the body’s organs absorb a number of minerals faster and more efficiently which leads to better health and increased energy.

To begin an alkaline diet you simply eat more vegetables and fruits. You should also drink pure fruit juices. Try to stay away from eating too much meat and oils that contain too much fat because they can slow you down and cause you to feel tired most of the time.
You should also increase your body’s potassium, magnesium and calcium levels to increase your immune system’s strength and ability to fight off diseases. To put it into perspective, an alkaline diet consists of 80% alkalizing foods and only 20% acidic foods.
Foods which are naturally free of high levels of hydrogenated fats, sugars and trans-fats are all considered ‘clean foods’. Eating a clean diet or an alkaline diet sounds boring and bland, but there are things you can do to naturally add a little spice to your food so it tastes better.
If you are the creative type, you shouldn’t have a problem creating a menu which is rich in clean foods yet extremely tasty. Try to experiment adding certain spices to certain foods until you find a recipe the entire family will eat without complaining.

The reason eating a clean diet is crucial to having a lean and healthy body is that it works at the cellular level. Microscopic cells work together to create a body that functions well at all levels and if one component is off, it can wreak havoc on your organs and immune system.

Finally, when you begin eating a clean diet or an alkaline diet; don’t expect to see results right away. You have to be very patient because you may not notice any results for a few months. Just stay the course and you’ll gradually notice you have more strength and energy and you’re able to last longer throughout the day.