My best friend and I have an ongoing discussion about closets. She stuffs hers to the gills with the goodies that she wants to keep. This enables her to keep the open spaces of her home immaculate - all of the junk is tucked away. Oh, and the insides of all of her closets are white, plain, flat white, of no particular brand of type. And they have doors.

My closets are a different beast entirely.

When I ran out of rooms in my home to paint, I got busy on the closets. Mine have crown moulding, and fancy baseboards, and none, and I mean NONE of them are white. Not even close.

My closets were almost safe until the weekend my husband went out of town on his own, figuring he would come home to a home that was largely the way he had left it.

He should have known better.

My house was built in the 1980s and was vintage when I bought it. Vintage, meaning, brown and gold and butt-ugly. The closets were no exception to this rule, and they needed HELP.

The Closet Under the Stairs - BeforeThe journey from normal to fabulous closets began with the closet under the stairs, the ONLY closet downstairs that isn't in a bedroom. It is a weird one, with a low ceiling, and an even lower area with a sloped ceiling that goes way back under the stairs where only children and spiders might ever want to be. The Closet Under the Stairs - Before 2

It was white, and brown, and UGLY!

A quick trip to the fabric store to find an inspiration fabric, and a quick trip to the local Benjamin Moore Paint dealer for a few quarts of Palladian Blue, and the closet was well on it's way out of the 80s.

To me, paint represents an opportunity to transform - a space, a mind, a life.

To make a long story short - this closet went from drab to FAB in a weekend and was transformed into my downstairs mini-office. It is well-stocked with office pretties - color-coordinated accessories, a clock, baskets of envelopes, stamps and pens.

Do YOU have a close that is boring and white and packed to the gills?
Palladian Blue Closet Used as an Office 2Palladian Blue Closet Used as an Office 4Palladian Blue Closet Used as an Office 3Palladian Blue Closet Used as an Office