I loved this book. As a long-time RA Salvatore fan I was so anxious to read this book I was biting my nails off in anticipation. I just felt like there was so many loose ends that were not tied up correctly, even though I had read all his books. As soon as I looked at the table of contents on Amazon I knew I needed this book. There were so many things that were never touched on as he continued to write about Drizzt. Like the monster that Bruenor Battlehammer killed as child in his homeland, what happened to Wulfgar when he left the companions, Artemis Entreri's beginnings and his adventures with Jaraxle. I was also looking forward to a few good spinoff stories. There are a few in this book that really highlight the emotional and principal based battles that Drizzt faces as he walks through his life. I think Salvatore did a great job in conveying the different feelings and mood for every story in this book. I especially enjoyed the story Dark Mirror. It is a story about a goblin that Drizzt meets in his travels. This goblin is judged and mistreated solely on th basis that he is a goblin, thus plucking Drizzt's heartstrings and disturbing his moral compass. The emotional complexity and insight of this story is amazingly deep, and the reader quickly becomes engulfed in Drizzt's perspective and emotional turmoil.

The book was very well put together, with 12 chapters and 384 pages, it is a pretty quick read. There was not a lot of grammatical errors or mis-number pages. You might say to yourself "well yeah, that's a professional publisher" but you would be surprised how may times this happens even with mass marketed books. The chapters did not flow together, but in this book, that is a good thing. There are a few books like this one on the market, and most of them feel like the author sat down and had a long writing session. Like he or she tried to tie up all the loose ends in one sitting.  This usually results in every story having the same rhythm and flow, and sometimes the characters are "out of character". I was very surprised to find that this book did not have that feeling. It's almost like you can take these stories and put them at the beginning, middle or end of any of his other stories and they would fit right in. Of course the only downside to this is that it's a little difficult to read from cover to cover (which I did), because each story is independent. I Have waited a long time for a book of collected tales that was wrote like this one, about these loved characters. Salvatore does a great job in conveying the emotional ups and downs of each chapter and character independently.