Since the movie Color Purple came out in 1985, it has since gone to Broadway as a musical.    The Color Purple is touring all over the country.  The original Pulitzer Prize-winning novel was by Alice Walker.  The Color Purple Musical is still continually on tour presently.    

I have not seen the musical, but I did see the movie.   It was just awesome.
As I watched the Color Purple, I observed that most of the people in the theatre were crying including me.   It was a very touching picture.  Although I do not know a lot about the south, it was a reminder of the southern living and attitudes that existed years ago.  Steven Spielberg directed this movie.  I associated  thriller or scary movies with Steven Spielberg.  This was a great change.

The Color Purple

Danny Glover portrayed a controlling and abusive husband.  He was not flexible at all.       Danny Glover treated his wife Celie, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg, like a slave.  I felt so sorry for Celie.  She very seldom held her head high.   She wore braids all over her hair. She was an African-American girl. He expected her to do nearly everything for him.  He was verbally abusive to her.  He just did not treat her well at all.  I noticed that Celie had low self-esteem.  You would never see her looking her husband in the eye.  He was always telling her how black and ugly she was.  Instead of telling, her that black is beautiful, he did just the opposite.    He was very demeaning towards her. He did not look that great himself, but he always had something negative to say to and about Celie, his wife.    Celie was pregnant at 14-years-old.   

Celie would love when her sister Nettie would come over and they would just play in the field like little girls that they were.  Nettie had long black pretty hair.     That was the highlight of her day, playing with Nettie. It just seemed to brighten her spirits.   Nettie eventually was living in Africa.  Although she wrote Celie often, Albert, Celie's husband, hid the letters so that Celie could not see them.  This added to Celie’s sadness of losing her sister.

Another scene was when Celie told Sophia’s husband to hit her.  Harpo was Sophia’s husband.   Celie told her what she knew.  Even though it was not right, she did not know any better.   That was a big mistake.  Sophia did not accept Harpo hitting on her.  She was very upset with Celie for telling Harpo to hit her.   She was quite feisty. 

There were several touching scenes in this movie.  The one I recall is when Sophia, portrayed by Oprah Winfrey, dared to talk back to a white woman.   She was under arrest and beaten. When this happened, you could see how it broke her spirit.  It was a very saddening seen.   This was so saddening to see.  Staying in jail just seemed to break her spirit even more.

There was a scene where they were carving the turkey.  I really did like this scene.    Celie had enough of her husband constantly talking about her.  Before I knew it, she had a knife at his throat.   I kind of thought she would use it on him, but she did not.  For the first time, she looked him directly in the eye.  Her eyes just pierced right through him.  In addition, this was the first time in a long time that Sophia smiled and laughed at the dinner table with all of them.   Finally, she was out of jail.    I observed a lot of crying in the theatre, including myself.   It was very moving.


Shug Avery, portrayed by Margaret Avery, was a classy, jazzy woman. When she came to town, everything seemingly lit up.   This woman dressed well and she could sing too.  All the men seem to swoon at her feet.  She even married well.     When she and her husband came to take Celie with them away from Albert, portrayed by Danny Glover, many things changed.  Celie is very confident to speak up.   She let Albert know that what he had done to her would come back to him.

I was so glad to see Shook rescue Celie.  I was so glad to  see Celie stand up to Albert with all confidence.  I thought to myself, “It is about time.”

Before Celie, left she confronted her husband and told him once again that  everything that he did to her will come back to him.   In other words, no good will come of how he treated her.   I do believe she emerged a stronger woman.    Her sister had cared for Celia’s children in Africa.  When they finally reunited, this was a very touching scene.  To hear her children call her mama was awesome.  You could see the love that Celie had for her children.   That love never ceased.  In addition, the love for their mother never ceased.  Everyone was crying.  This was good that they were reuniting.

It was very reassuring to see Celie’s confidence and self-esteem improve.   She discovered she was worth something and that she did have value.  She was a survivor.   Even though in an abusive marriage, she emerged triumphantly.   She had her own dress shop. She fixed herself up and no longer wore all those braids all over her hair.  She finally had a smile on her face.   It was even more reassuring when her sister that lived in Africa found Celie’s children.  The removal of Celie’s children occurs at a very young age.  Her sister took care of them.   What a great sister. 

As mean as Albert, her husband had been, in the end he finally sent Celie all the letters that he had confiscated and hid from her.   Letters that her sister had written to her while in Africa.  I never thought I would see him do that.   I was so happy for Celie in the end, because she was proof that she was s survivor from an abusive relationship.  She was proof that life goes on.  Life went on very well for her too.