Anger so something that afflicts all people; however individuals with anger management issues tend to be unstable in life. If you can strive to get your anger issues under control then you can lead a more balanced life. A more balanced life is definitely preferable to the tress and drama that you may be used too. Here are some tips on coping and dealing with anger issues.

Don’t Blame Others

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Sure you anger be caused by certain individuals, but don’t blow your top over it. If it is the same individual that is continually pissing you off then you need to avoid that person. If you cannot avoid that person for reasons such as she is your ex-wife and you need to see her to pick up your children for visitation then you need to learn to deal with it.

You know she is going to intentionally try to piss you off, so you need to change your tactics so that you cannot get angry with her. You might get angry, but just don’t let it show.

Think OF Thing from Other persons Perspective

As people who struggle with anger issues we often think that the other person is simply trying to anger use and make use made, but if we think about things logically for a few minute we often will see that is far from true.

Take for example the guy that cut you off in the lane the other day. You honked, yelled, cussed him out, and maybe even ran him off the side of the road and pistol whipped him. Ok, you probably didn’t pistol whip the guy buy you sure wanted to. Did the guy intentionally cut you off to make you mad? Probably not because there are a million logical reasons it could be such as he was texting when he was driving, dropped his coffee, swerved to miss a squirrel, or anything else. If you look at it from their perspective you will often see that it was truly intentional and they definitely did not mean to anger you.

Texting While Driving

Don’t get mad at the person for cutting you off accidently because they were texting on the phone because you do it too. If you text and drive then you cannot get mad at others for doing the same as you do. People who criticize others for particular acts yet do it themselves can be annoying. Don’t justify your behavior and simply quit doing it.

Don’t Justify Your Behavior


Do not justify your behavior when you get angry. People often justify their behavior by blaming other people or claiming it is not their fault for some strange reason. You always have the right NOT to get angry and start yelling. You may think that you have no control over your anger once it reaches a certain point but over time you will learn to develop skills to help you cope and in some cases entirely eradicate the root causes of your anger issues, which rarely happen to be other people.

Kisses, Hugs, and Smiles

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No matter what I tell you there will always be people that may want to “test” whether you still have anger issues or if you are simply keeping all your rage bottle dup inside until you finally blow and then end up with your friends and family being interviewed on Nancy Grace.

When you sense that people are pushing your limits then either smile at them in a truly friendly way, hug them, or give them a kiss. Preferably you can do all three simultaneously and really throw the person off.

Anger is Funny

Having anger issues is not fun or funny, but you can make jokes about it and help alleviate some of the steam that is building up in your mind. If you are with a friend who knows about your anger issues and somebody cuts you off in the car you can look at your friend and calmly tell them something like” if I had anger management problems I would of rammed that S.O.B. off the road and the chocked him like a chicken in the slaughterhouse. By you making jokes like this it will help you to laugh out loud. Laughing is a great way of managing your anger issues, just ask any marijuana smokers who watch Cheech and Chong.

People with anger management issues often get upset and then steam over it for the rest of the day. Don’t do this because you are simply wasting the day away. By dealing with the situation immediately by using humor your are altering the chemicals being released in your body and it does have a positive chemical affect on your body when you laugh as opposed to being angry.

By dealing with your anger issues and getting them under control you will be not only mentally more healthy, but also physically healthier. Being upset all of the time will make your blood pressure increase and lead to a higher chance of cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks.

Professional Help

Contrary to what the shrinks tell you in the media, you do not NEED to get professional help. Solving anger problems on your own is just as good if not better than sitting on a couch once a week talking to a stranger who is not familiar with your world. I o recommend you get good book on solving anger issues such as Anger Management for Dummies. Books like those can give you practical tips and tools you can use in your daily life to not only help control your anger problem, but to eradicate it entirely.

Another benefit of being a person who formerly had an anger management problem is that you will be better prepared to deal with other people who have anger issues. You will be the go to guy (or gal) when someone has an anger problem and you will know the best way to deal with them or if it is a situation where you just leave them alone until a later time.