Article marketing is a simple way to get both short term traffic and long term traffic.
Article marketing benefits you both because you'll get instantaneous exposure and links which of course benefits you when it comes to generating traffic from the search engines.

What exactly is Article Marketing?
Article Marketing is the act of writing articles and submitting them to different sites. These sites are known as “Article Directories”.
They let people publish their work and let webmasters publish articles on his or her site as long as they link to the original.

This results in a win-win-win relationship.
- The writer gets instantaneous traffic and a lot of links.
- Webmasters get high quality articles for their sites.
- The article directory receives a lot of free content and links from the different publishers.

Which article directories are good?
As a result of the ease of setting up an article directory many have been created throughout the years.
I take advantage of a wide range myself to advertise my work.

The top article directory is,

The rest worthy of talking about are:

A Strategy That Works
The strategy that's worked excellent for me is the following:

1. Write an article
It is really important that you write an original, high quality article when you are going to do article marketing. This is the article that gets shown to many people and becomes your face to the crowd. on it!

2. Create variations of the article
I have read a lot concerning this point and no one really agrees on how this impacts you considering the search engines and their policies on duplicate content and syndicated content.

I like to write multiple versions of the article so every site I publish my article to doesn’t receive the same one.

This way you can be everywhere, without it being the exact same article, meaning people will be more prone to take a look and then click your link. Additionally, it may cause Google to add multiple versions of your article to their listing, giving you a boost in traffic.

This can either be done manually or by using an article spinner.If you do start using a spinner be sure the articles are of excellent quality. Most spinners will create unreadable variations; some though do it very well.

3. Publish your articles to a great deal of directories
I publish my articles to about 45 directories which brings me several links and traffic and also some income since some directories will share advertising revenue with you as a writer.

4. See what works and what doesn’t - Test
The true secret is to see what's working and what isn’t. A directory that doesn’t deliver any traffic, it isn’t worth wasting time for.
If you notice that a specific style of title is popular, use that template for additional articles, if you have a call to action that works well, use that call to action often.