There are many different elements to consider when decorating a themed nursery. Transportation themed nurseries are one of the most popular for boys and can easily bridge the gap as a gender neutral nursery theme. Use this comprehensive list to explore options for decorating every inch of your baby's room.

Wall Hangings

The wall hangings you use will depend on if you are leaning toward a racing or construction side of the transportation theme. If you are focusing more on construction elements for the nursery then look for wall hangings that resemble street signs. Here are some good options for wall hangings that will contribute to this theme.

- From CDK Enterprises you can find a nice set of checkered flags to hang on the wall. This fits well if you are leaning toward the racing side of the transportation theme.

- JoJo Designs makes a set of three different plush wall hangings that apply to a construction themed nursery. The wall hangings feature a cement mixer, a construction helmet, and a set of tools. The plush construction of these hangings adds a nice soft touch to the theme.

Wall Decals

Etsy is the best place for wall decals of all kinds. Their sellers generate truly unique wall art. However, there are other sources of wall decals for a transportation themed nursery.

- Check out the Etsy store page of MyWallStickers for their Transportation Wall Stickers Mural. This collection has everything you need to deck out the nursery walls with a variety of moving vehicles including a hot air balloon, a street light, train cars, a blimp and more. This is a great complete set of wall stickers for this theme.

Wall Stencils

For those parents who wish to paint decorations on their nursery walls, stencils are the way to go. Use the list below to find some great wall stencils for this theme.

- My Wonderful Walls has the best stencil set for a transportation theme. There are thirty-two different stencils in the kit and the website offers clear advice on how to apply and paint them. Even the largest wall could be completely painted using this stencil kit.


A street play rug is a necessary component of this theme. Even if you don’t leave the rug out all the time you can roll it up and keep it put away until it is needed for play time.

- Head to Amazon to find the best play rug for your nursery. They have the largest selection and the best prices. This is a piece of decoration that really doesn’t deviate from the typical selections. It is likely that you find these play rugs at a ‘big-box’ store as well.

Nursery Lamp

If you have a bookcase or empty dresser top, a table lamp is a great addition to any nursery. It allows the parents a soft light option without having to crouch down and turn on a nightlight.

- Guidecraft makes the best racecar table lamp. It can be purchased at a number of different online retailers so shop around and get the best price.

Book Ends

Whether it is on a shelf or in a bookcase, themed bookends are a nice simple addition. If you need some smaller items to put on a gift registry or if relatives are hounding you for a more personal gift, suggest themed bookends.

- Crayola made a nice Indy car book end set but I don’t think they sell it on their website anymore. There is another generic set of book ends that features two yellow and red stock cars. I suggest looking on secondary sales sites (read: eBay, etc.) for the Crayola version, it looks much nicer and isn’t expensive.

Drawer Pulls

Like bookends, personalized drawer pulls offer a subtle touch to any theme. If you have a bookcase that features removable pulls or handles, consider it an opportunity to add a simple decoration.

- Etsy is the first place to look for transportation themed drawer pulls. Check out the Etsy store of CariBimbi. This seller makes hand painted pulls featuring cars, sailboats, trains, rockets, and other things that move.

Night Light

No nursery is complete without a nightlight. You can find obscure and unique versions but I would use this as an opportunity to finally go commercial.

- Amazon, and most other large retailers, sell different varieties of Disney’s Car’s nightlights. You can find the one that features your child’s favorite character, there are a few different versions.

Crib Bedding

These days, many parents prefer to leave their crib bare. Still, many others prefer to register for crib bedding to use with their convertible cribs when the baby gets a bit older. Consider this as another understated method of adding to your transportation nursery theme.

- Pottery Barn Kids has some great transportation themed bedding that you can personalize. The ‘comforter’ blanket can be embroidered with the child’s name and I think it looks wonderful.

- If you are looking for something a little less mainstream, visit Unica Home for their transportation crib set by DwellStudio. This set has a unique design that you really won’t find anywhere else.

Paint Scheme for a Transportation Themed Nursery

This is the most fun you can have decorating a nursery: the paint job. A simple paint scheme for a ‘things-that-go’ kid’s room would be a top layer of blue and a bottom layer of green. Picture a wall with some green rolling hills beneath a clear blue sky.

After painting this simple two-color set you can use the stencils mentioned above to add details. Use images from the My Wonderful Walls website as a guide.

Hopefully you were able to use this simple list to get you starter creating that perfect kid’s room with a ‘things-that-go’ theme. Good luck decorating!

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