In the beginning of our existence we didn’t have the
need for money because we “lived off the land”. We couldn’t purchase anything because
we made everything ourselves. Because of our self-sufficiency, currency wasn’t
of any relevance. Evolving through time, we inevitably adapted bartering to
acquire the goods that we could make, grow, or create ourselves. Not only
things we required, but alternatively desired. Strictly as an opinion, I feel I
know this as deeply as I have the need to breathe, that the actual idea of
money is not in the realm of basic human thoughts and we can only grasp the concept
when we understand of what it represents. Instead of “working the land” and creating
everything yourself, you work your trade, earn money to attain your needs. The
farmer makes food, blacksmith makes materials, seamstress makes clothes, and
etc. With the rise in population and advancement in technology the creation of
jobs was fundamental. As it currently stands, there are many people and many
jobs. Point being that you still work for the materials that you need, you just
have to acquire them indirectly with currency. You do your job, and it may not
feel like it’s very functional, because even if you are a manufacturer you
generally only produce one or two specific items. For me it’s the grasping of
the concept that money is “vouchers” to obtain what is needed or desired.

Many people can be described as “bad” with money. This is affiliated with credit scores and a modern definable characteristic of “maturity”. Being “good” with money is being responsible, and if you don’t save, when you
can, you would be regarded as irresponsible, immature, and selfish…basically
all of the attributes that people find most loathsome in themselves. A major
contributing factor to this element of fiscal irresponsibility is the loss in
translation of MONEY=MATERIAL. To me money is a short means to an end, it’s
just paper and that’s all I see it as. I am not good with money, but I am
getting better slowly by making myself acknowledge that idea that money isn’t
just paper as my mind knows it is in reality. But instead try to replace that
concept with another for the betterment of my life. I continuously must
practice variations of a phrase like “Money means food”. I haven’t been so
ridiculously short sighted where as I have starved because I bought something
other than food when I knew I had none, but I’m thinking that if I didn’t try
to break this concept down fundamentally I might have on a serious level. And not
because I’m retarded, but because some people like myself don’t have the wiring
to perceive certain aspects of the world as others would. Which also is likely
a key factor in what people find immature, like always being late, which I also
struggle with and more often than not feels very strongly out of my control-NO