As all of the victims of the Connecticut school shootings have been laid to rest and some time has passed, The real tragedy is becoming more apparent. The tragedy is this case is the same as in all of these shootings, from Columbine to the Colorado shooting to all the rest. Tragedy is that people are becoming complacent and are starting to forget again.

Someone said that this is the last straw I think not. This recent shootings are one more straw in a large pile of straws. The gun control debate in Congress will continue for a while with nothing being accomplished. in terms of legislation being passed.

What happens in these shootings follows a pattern. – public shock and outcry, politicians calling for stricter gun laws, debates and finally a fading from memory of these horrific incidents.The ones whose memories never fade are the families of the victims and of the shooter or shooters.

The father of shooter Adam Lanza claimed his body and buried his son in an undisclosed location. The emotional scars that the family members of the victims and the shooter have will never fade.

What is needed here is a total change in American attitudes towards guns.The second amendment of the constitution must be revised. The 200 year old law is not relevant to 21st century America. The "right to bear arms" was originally used among other things to protect 18th century Americans against foreign invasion or creating a citizen's militia- hardly applicable in modern America.

Assault weapons must be kept in the hands of the police and military only. Nobody is "disarming americans" as the NRA claims. We must keep these weapons within  the hands of our military and out of the hands of psychopathic individuals in our society.

In China and Japan, only the police and military have guns.- as a result, these two countries have one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. Enough said.

We need a total ban on assault weapons in the hands of civilians. Furthermore- the only Americans who should have handguns should be owners of high risk businesses such as jewelry store owners where the threat of robbery is high.

American attitudes towards terrorism all changed after 9-11-As a result , there have been no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in 11 years. The same change in attitudes have to occur regarding gun control in America if these insane shootings sprees are going to stop.

Americans and Guns