Boating is a popular pastime for people living near sea, rivers, and lakes. Some people, such as fishermen, even use it as a source of income. However, under certain circumstances, boating may become dangerous. This often happens when the person steering the boat is drunk or has taken alcohol.

Similar to driving under the influence, boating under influence is also prohibited. If a person is caught boating under influence, he may not only face violation charges, but also criminal charges. These penalties are likely to increase if the boat he was driving was a commercial or recreational boat boarded by passengers. The following are some of the things a person might lose if caught boating under influence:

  • The license of boat operators may be suspended or cancelled. Boat driver operators usually own several boats and use them for tours and recreational activities for their visitors. If one of the operator's boat drivers was caught for BUI, the owner's operations may be suspended.
  • Fines may be required from the boat driver, as well as the operator. These payments would serve as punitive damages for the violator's fault. If someone was injured during the boating trip, additional penalties may be required.
  • The person's boat insurance rates may increase. Like car insurance rates, boat insurance premiums also increase if boat drivers get "ticketed".
  • An administrative court may also require violators to undergo drug and alcohol counseling. This is to ensure that the violator is still fit to return to his job.
  • In worse cases, the boater may be convicted of felony, robbing him of his right to vote. If a boat driver commits several offenses of BUI, he may face felony conviction.

If you are a boat driver and you do not want these things to happen to you, never drive the boat after drinking alcohol. If you are going to party on the other side of the lake or river, you can just use public transportation so you do not need to drive your boat on your way home. In addition, you should not drink or let anyone drink alcohol while you are on a boat.

Boating under influence is a violation that many people do not take seriously. But the Law is very serious about it. If you are caught driving a boat while intoxicated, you might receive the penalties given above. For more information regarding BUI, you can ask legal counsel from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.