Technology has become such an integral part of our everyday lives. We depend on it to do everything.  Yet, so few of us know what technology really is. What is technology? My definition of technology is anything that can be used to facilitate learning and advancement in society. A one dollar pen can be considered technology and truly it is one of the most important things in the world of technology. So many things have stemmed from a person picking up a pen and going to work. The world’s great inventions were created first on paper with the use of a pen and evolved to what we know today.  A question then arises:

        Is the written word technology? Can it be called technology? In a way, yes, it can. The written word is the transcribed idea of the human brain. We get an epiphany of some sort and then we rush to do what? Write it down before we forget it. Others read our ideas and then help us to make them real.  Yet other individuals notice them and want to build on them and make them better. With all this being said, could not the written word be seen as technology? Sadly, much of the written word may no longer be in existence within a few short decades or less.

     Imagine a world where everything is computerized, there are no books. You approach a fellow citizen and ask for directions to the library. A finger extends to a large formal building. You enter into this building and are surrounded by computers and e-readers. The shelves are no longer there, instead there are machines that contain book titles. Upon your selection, the machine spits out a small chip to be inserted into an e-reader. Libraries as you know it no longer exist. Librarians are obsolete as everything you need to know is right there in the computer. How impersonal the world has become! The fresh smell of a new book is only a memory. Is this the future? What a change from quill pens and ink!

        This brings to mind an episode of a television show from the 1950s-1970s called the Twilight Zone. The episode was entitled, “The Obsolete Man”. The world was a place in which those who were considered to be “useless” were sentenced to death. They were termed as, “undesirables” and such had to be removed from society. One of these “undesirables” was a librarian. There were no libraries and books as we know them had become obsolete.  This controversial episode can be viewed at the following link:

 Will books become like cassette tapes and VHS?  Will they be a thing of the past, an unwanted and geriatric item?   

It makes you wonder, doesn't it?