The harp is a form of multi -stringed instrument that was believed to have existed as late as 4,000 B.C. The harp instrument may have been derived from bow type weapons that have been, through accident or deliberate purpose, converted into a musical device.
Among the various number of harps existing today, the lap harp is technically the smallest among the group. The lap harp as the name implies is small enough to fit into the players lap and it is also characterized by a much lesser number of strings than other harp variants like the pedal harp and the folk harp, usually with about 15 strings and up and a two octave range.

The ease of use a lap harp provides is one of the main reasons why it is chosen by beginner students in the world of the harp musical instrument. Even though it is ideal for beginners to use because of its portability and manageability, lap harps are characteristically used by known professional harpists when they travel as a practice tool and for performing in public gatherings if the need arises.

Harps come in various price range from the inexpensive practice harps that cost several hundred dollars to the more expensive custom built kind which costs several thousands of dollars. Depending on the craftsmanship and the sound quality that the instrument generates are difficult to gauge without checking the harp personally. Quality of the material used to construct the instrument, good quality wood drives the price range up inexpensive materials like plywood may be an option to purchase an inexpensive make of the instrument but be warned though that the sound quality is degraded.The tension of the strings is also important when picking the correct harp, slack slings cannot create the correct tone so the sound generated by the harp is not clear. The design of the harp should be original by the manufacturer because a copied product attests to the quality of the harp so be wary of harps that are made by copycat manufacturers since you will never know the level of mastery of the craftsman with regards to the design he or she is copying.

There are cheap used harps sold online that will help you in your harpist career some of them are even are sought after high quality branded harps. A brand known for its sturdy and high musical quality harps is Harpsicle which has branches throughout the United States. Harpsicle harps have a height of 33 inches, with 26 strings that have a range of 3.5 octaves from G to C. The harps also weigh four pounds and are available in a variety of colors. Harpsicle used lap harps sold online are ideal for those that are budget constrained but require a quality harp to use.