Buying a cheap tech gadget

Have you ever wanted to get a cool piece of technology for yourself or a loved one but don't want to spend a truckload of cash? There are plenty of really amazing tech gadgets on the marketplace that won't run your bank account dry and will still please the one you are buying for due to how innovative or practical they are. Let's look at some of these gadgets, what they do, and how much they cost.

Mini Android PC

The Mini Android PC

This cool gadget is basically a computer that's gotten so small it fits into what looks like a flashdrive! This one shown is called an "Android mk802" and there are many just like it, I just picked this one because it's one I was going to buy for myself. These are little mini PC's that can hook up to your television or monitor and act as a replacement for a computer tower. It's got usb ports so you can plug in a keyboard and mouse, and the onboard operating Android system is smooth and allows for web surfing and multimedia viewing. It's really a need gadget and many tech geeks like myself can't get enough of these things. If you have someone who loves technology in your family make sure you buy one of these! This model here goes for an average of about $45.00 so it won't break the bank.

Laptop Kit

Laptop Kit

This is a really awesome must have for all computer geeks! This mini lifesaver accessory kit comes with all the things you need for people who are frequently called to be their family's "IT support". You have usb connections, hubs, an optical mouse, and various different connector wires for all different computer and TV connections. Be careful if you buy this for someone you love, if they have this then they will probably be called even more to troubleshoot problems. They will definitely enjoy this and so will you since this kit runs for about $10 at most stores online. Definitely a must buy!


Bluetooth keyboard

This keyboard made by iTon is a great companion for any of your family members that have a Bluetooth device like an iPod or iPad. When we are typing on a small screen it takes a long time and spelling mistakes are frequent. This keyboard syncs well with these devices and allows you to type up things that are more than a sentence long without mistakes or frustration. Do you have someone in your family that's addicted to their device? Give them this! It's only running for about $15 online and they will love you for it.

Key Flashdrive

Key flashdrive

Yes that's right everyone, they now have created a flashdrive for your data storage in the shape and look of a key so you can put it on your keychain and not look like a nerd. This flashdrive by LaCie is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one that always needs to have their data portable but don't want to lug around a hard drive or keep a flashdrive in their pocket. This will only run you about $20 on most websites and it's really practical for anyone with portable data needs. Check this out and see what you think!

Endless options

These are just a few choices of cheap tech gadgets that I personally own and think are awesome. I know that anyone who likes technology will love these gadgets and none of them on their own will hurt your bank account either. So next time you are looking for ideas and you can't think of anything try one of these out, it may just be a big hit!