If we were to discuss a virtual top of some of the most relevant and helpful toys your kid can play with and learn insightful pieces of knowledge at the same time, we cannot go without those special science kits. As there are tons of such kits on the market and their number seems to be forever growing in size, here are some useful options you could choose for your child.

Science kits have been around for a long time, but these are really something special:

The Astrolabium 2000. Telling the time will never be easier due to this absolutely gorgeous science kit and true masterpiece altogether, which is an exquisite reproduction of the “Heaven Machine” that was built in the 18th century by Phillip Matthaus Hahn. The Astrolabium features an impressive brass mechanism that works on quartz and that can accurately show time, month, moon, phase, date, the revolution of the earth around the Sun or the daily rotation of the Earth and even the precise zodiac sign.

My First Microscope Kit. In terms of excitement and the amount of interest it poses to kids, this special science kit is definitely going to work wonders on your small curious one. This tiny microscope can lay an entire universe he is not familiar with in front of his wide-open  eyes, make him study objects, plants or bugs in their smallest detail and gain further knowledge of materials, anatomy or biology. Like the name says, this should be his first microscope with hopes of him meeting some genuine microscopes while in school and maybe develop a future career in medicine or another scientific field.

The 500-In-One Electronic Science Lab. This science kit is definitely worth all of its money. It is one of the most complete electronic teaching kits available on the market and it can help children learn the very basics of an electronic circuit at the end of the no less than 500 experiments. The kit comes with its own speakers, an LCD, great software and an impressive array of topics just waiting to be discovered. Children who are at least 12 can simply enter programs on the keyboard and grow to develop their own special programming skills.

Starship Earth. This wonderful kit is also able to take places you’ve never thought you’ll be able to see. Featuring a large diameter of its transparent sphere, the absolutely bewildering number of stars it is able to accurately display (1,000 stars) turn this kit into a really eye-catching toy.

The Levitron Anti-Gravity Top. The Levitron displays a genuine levitator in front of your eyes, literally an object that floats above the ground, using only the lifting power that is being produced by 2 magnets. Spinning helps stabilize the Levitron, but things are not really as easy as they sound; you need to prove your great skills to perfectly master this top-notch toy.

Kidz Labs - Dig a Velociraptor Skeleton. Kids can develop their very own passion for prehistoric animals, namely the Velociraptor, and enable them to dig, find and assemble the interesting animal for hours, developing his agility skills.  

There are some great ways to get kids to learn as they play and these cool science kits are sure to hold their attention.