Videogame books offer a much deeper view into the world's, characters and the story of some of the most popular videogames today. If you enjoy videogames and reading, then videogame books are a great way to expand your overall experience in a different way. 

Here's the coolest and most popular videogame books that are currently available.



Bioshock: RaptureCredit:, the brilliant city under the water created by one man with a great vision, Andrew Ryan. Bioshock:Rapture is written by John Shirley and explores deep into the magnificent world of Rapture and all it's intriguing characters.

Shirley pulls everything together and gives many small characters alot more meaning, bringing a whole new point of view to Rapture. In the 430 pages of vivid detail, you will experience another side of Rapture over a 14 year period.


Legend Of Zelda: Box Set

Zelda Box SetCredit: Legend Of Zelda: Box Set features all 10 volumes from the Zelda manga series written in Japanese style (right to left). In the land of Hyrule, the key to the Tri-Force are three seperate spiritual stones, giving the holder of these precious stones control of the entire world. Link sets out to protect Hyrule and the Sacred Realm. The box set also comes with a large collectible poster.


Mass Effect: Ascension

Mass Effect AscensionCredit: off the wildly popular Mass Effect videogame series, Mass Effect: Ascension tells the story of the ancient Protheans. When a potential ancient Prothean cache is discovered on Mars, groups quickly travel to learn secrets from the advanced technology of the Protheans. But one rogue group looks to keep the secrets and cache to themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.



The Elder Scrolls: The Infernal City

Elder Scrolls Infernal CityCredit: decades have passed since the Oblivion crisis and a new evil threatens the world of Tamriel. Author Greg Keyes brilliantly brings Tamriel to life as it is slowly being destroyed by Umriel, a floating city that brings terror to any place city or village it overshadows. The Infernal City is the 1st novel in a 2 part series following the 2006 game of the year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.