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There are a number of dog health problems that can affect our favorite canine friends. Dog health problems are very common and often require veterinary treatment. This can quickly add up and these unexpected expenses can cause a serious problem with the monthly budget. There is now pet health insurance available that can help with this. It helps you provide the best health care for dogs and will help in curing dog diseases.


Health Problems in Dogs


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Veterinary medicine has advanced considerably over the last 50 years or so especially. A lot more is known about our furry friends and the dog diseases that can afflict them. This is good news! These advances mean that we can offer much better health care for dogs. Dogs are now living longer, healthier and happier lives than ever before!


Common Dog Health Problems


Unfortunately, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


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Trauma - Dogs can get into fights with other dogs and other animals. They are also subject, unfortunately, to getting hit by cars. These injuries often require surgery and a veterinary hospital or clinic stay.


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Poisons and Toxins - It is quite common for dogs to ingest poisons and toxins. This can be accidental or intentional, especially in the case of guard dogs. There are a number of household supplies, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides around the house that the dog can get into causing an intoxication.


Metabolic Illnesses - Common Health Problems In DogsCredit:

Metabolic Illnesses - Such metabolic illnesses as diabetes and hypothyroidism is becoming more and more commonly diagnosed as we learn more about the diseases that are out there. These dog diseases often require long-term, even life-long treatment.


Skin Problems - Common Health Problems In DogsCredit:

Skin Problems - There are a number of conditions that affect the dog's skin. These causes can range from bacterial to fungal to stress and even intestinal worms or metabolic diseases. It can be difficult to determine the cause of these problems meaning that there may be many, many tests in your dog's future.


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External parasites - Fleas, ticks and mites are all very common problems and products to treat both your pet and the environment are available.


Health Insurance

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Health insurance can help defray the costs of keeping away dog health problems. There are a number of companies that now offer health insurance for pets. Research the plans available in your local area to see what is available to you. Talk to your vet, he or she will often know of plans that their clients have.


When choosing which pet insurance to purchase, you should do the same research that you would do when choosing other types of insurance. Look into the underwriter of the policy. Evaluate what is covered and your animal's needs. You can consult your veterinarian on this one since he or she will know what your dog's health risks are including any diseases and illnesses associated with breed. Research and understand what exactly you have to pay and what exactly you have a right to and what is covered and what is not.


Healthy, Happy Pets


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We often want to provide what is best for our families and this includes our pets. They give us unconditional love and we should repay them by keeping away as many health problems as we possibly can.