Build or buy?

Depending on where you live in the country many times it is considerably cheaper to buy land and build a home than it is to purchase one already made. This article will explain the hows and whys to building Vs. buying a home and why if you are considering a move this should be a burning question in your mind.

Cheap land

Many areas of the country boast extremely cheap prices for their land. You can buy a solid acre or two for maybe $20,000 depending on where you are, maybe even cheaper then that. The wonderful thing about this is you can choose the location for your dream home and not a preset area that may be lacking something you desire. Land is cheap these days in locations outside of cities, and with things getting worse in the economy people are branching out so land is selling fast. Look for a great plot of land outside a city where you live and start dreaming. The first step is seeing it in your heart and then it will come to pass before your eyes.




Builders today are looking for work because the economy is hard on their business and they will take any project to pay the bills. So shop around when you bought your land and I guarantee you that you will get a great deal for an affordable house. My friend recently did this and the total cost for everything was so much lower than if he had just bought a house that was right across the street. Builders will be happy to take on your project and offer discounts with their company so look around and you will be sure to save big.

How you want it

The greatest thing about having your own home built instead of buying a house is because you can choose how it's built! It can be made to your specifications and pointed in a direction you would like such as having the dining room face west so the sunset shines in, or point it towards a mountain or a body of water. You have complete control in how it's made and where it's located. Maybe you want it nestled in a group of trees so there is adequate shade for your future patio or deck. The choices are endless.

Having your home build also means that you are not only getting a custom made place to live how you want it, but you are also getting it brand new with a company yHomeou trust. Homes that are already built can have loads of problems and this is a non-issue with new home builders because there are no prior histories to worry about. You can be confident that when construction of the home is finalized then you move in and there are no problems. Start dreaming of your future home today and see that you don't have to "settle" for things but instead make it exactly how you want it. The building a home Vs. buying a home never became easier as it is today.


Because you are buying a plot of land where you want it and building your future house on that land, you have that freedom of location. If you like a certain school district or there are hiking trails or bodies of water nearby you don't have to compromise on these things by buying an expensive house 15-20 minutes away if nothing is in the area. Find your perfect location and build there and all the desires of your heart will be fulfilled. Don't sit at the table with your family and have to weigh the pros and cons of certain homes because of location since this is easily remedied by finding your own location and plot of land to build on.

Resell value

Unless you are looking to live at your location for the rest of your life (which is perfectly fine and a great thing to do!) there is also the idea of resale value. Building a nice cabin or home with a beautiful view and location is attractive for other buyers! This means that if you ever did consider moving you know that you don’t have to sell a house that had prior issues and the location isn't ideal. Instead of that worry you can be confident in the fact that because you put your home here and placed everything perfectly others will notice this and your chances of selling even in today's market will be higher.

People are becoming more and more interested in great views, more privacy, and more nature than ever before. Cities are struggling with populations and others are looking to escape, which is why suburbs are so attractive to many people because they don't like the big city feel. Having a home built somewhat away from all the noise of this world is only going to be more attractive in the future because people are moving out of cities and into more quaint homes. We can see this with selling trends around popular cities because quaint, secluded homes are selling very quickly while run down homes in the city are sitting there untouched for years. It's just how the trends are going, so running on this trend will only be beneficial to you should you ever sell in the future.

Consider this!

Home buyers have a list of concerns and have to keep looking around until they find something they are happy with. A person who has their own home just has to consider how they want to decorate and how happy they will be with where they are because the builder follows the plan and performs it. If you are in the market for a new house consider not just a house that's already built, but look for cheap land and a builder and see if you can not only get a great deal on a new home of your dreams, but also have it in a location that is just to your liking.