Expense vs. Investment

Why Board Games Qualify

It isn't uncommon for me to walk into a board game store and hear people whining about how much they all cost.  Granted, board games are expensive.  But I think everyone can see that as far as entertainment goes, board games are really one of your best options.

Lets list some common, everyday sources of entertainment. It is often a weekly excursion to go to the movies; great fun, but relatively expensive.  It is common to go shopping, eat out, play video games, gamble, go to theme parks, and take part in outdoor activities.  Now, lets look at some of the costs associated with a few of these.  I have often heard board gamers compared to video gamers.  while they may be the same there are some very crucial differences between video games and board games.  Board games are an investment over video games because they don't go out of style.  I own a copy of rummikub that has been around for at least 20 years and it is still as fun as it was when it was made.  You would probably be hard-pressed to say that centipede has aged just as gracefully.  In concept, board games are made to last longer.  This is not in the fault of the design by any means.  Video game designers know that in the next 10 years their game will most likely be outdated.  Board games, however, are designed around the fact that they will be played over and over and should hold people's interest.  From the very conception of the game it beats out video games.

Another reason for this is durability.  Board games have a way of lasting.  I don't know that I have ever had to scrap a game because it was simply too old and battered.  I bought a copy of Rook at a yard sale the other day that was from the 1940's at least and it was a beautiful copy.  Unfortunately my disk of Halo 1 is scratched beyond saving.  It may sound like I am being harsh, but you have to admit, $60.00 spent on a board game lasts far longer than $60.00 spent on a video game.  This naturally provides more value because it will inevitably offer more hours of entertainment.  

Lets look at going to movies.  Movies are great and one of the most easily justified ten dollars spent.  This ten dollars will offer one person two to three hours of entertainment...one time.  When you think about it the concept seems a little corrupt.  A group of five friends go to a movie and fifty dollars later they are left with nothing but the memory of the movie.  It is all great if that is what you want, but consider the fact that to see it again you need to pay that same price.  On top of that you will most likely buy the Blu-Ray which is a far better investment than seeing it in theaters.  Now, if we compare it to a board game, we can see that the dollars spent to entertainment provided is terribly skewed.  I bought Bohnanza for $15.00 the other day and that game in the first night playing it, provided six people with over two hours of entertainment.  If we had gone to see a movie that night, a total of about $60.00 would have been spent.  I hope you are starting to see my point.

Obviously there are some things that are even better than board games.  some sources of entertainment don't need any resources.  All some activities require is a clear day and a group of people.  I merely want to point out that people whine over the fact that a board game can cost up to $60.00 when they don't mind dropping ten dollars on a movie every weekend.  The idea of dollars spent to hours of entertainment obtained should shift your paradigm a few inches to where you can see the true value in a purchase.  



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