There are some really weird and interesting places on our planet. Most people don't know what is out there, not knowing anything more than outside their door. Here you will see some of the strangest, creepiest places to visit on Earth. 

Kabayan Mummy Caves, Philippines fire mummiesCredit:

  Also known as the Fire Mummies of the Philippines, these specially preserved group of mummies lay in a natural cave. Scientists believe that the mummies were created by the Ibaloi from 1200 to 1500 AD in Benguet and buried in the caves. The mummification began right after a person died, where they would drink a very salty beverage. The corpse was then washed over a fire draining their fluids. Because of looting and robbing, the caves are now protected by non-profit organization Monument Watch. 

Wonderland, China


 Originally China's own Disneyland, but was planned to be about 5x larger. This park was just outside of Beijing, on the outskirts of the city. Though, due to construction problems, the project was stopped, and was never finished. All that lies there now is the remains of a very creepy abandoned medieval style unfinished theme park. 

Jatinga, India


 The village is not so much the creepy part, but what happens in the village. Known as the Bird Mystery, which happens from September to November, mass amounts of local and migrating birds commit suicide by plummeting to the ground and buildings to their death. Even more unusual, this only happens just after sunset, from about 7-10pm. Pretty creepy.

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania


 This may seem like a cool forest to visit, but I wouldn't want to. The Hoia Baciu Forest is also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. It first became famous when biologist Alexandru Sift in 1968 took a photo of a disc-shaped UFO flying overtop. Locals consider it evil, and is known as a taboo subject. It is seen as one of the most haunted places in the world, and many ghost and paranormal investigators have explored the forest, as legends of missing people have been told. Even the trees are twisted and creepy, and they weren't always like that.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan


 Another forest, but when are forests not creepy? Located at the base of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara forest also goes by the names of Suicide Forest, Demon Forest, and Sea of Trees. This forest has been home to over 500 confirmed suicides since the 50's, and is second place for the best place to commit suicide in the world (Golden Gate Bridge in number 1).

A legend goes that people would abandon others in the forest and sacrifice others. The most common method is hanging oneself. There are even signs throughout the forest with sayings like "life is precious" and "think of your family". It creeps me out to even look up pictures of this forest. 


Island of the Dolls, Mexico


  If you're one to get easily creeped out by dolls, I would suggest never visiting here. The island of the Dolls is just outside of Mexico City, and for decades dolls have been hanging from tress, on the ground, and bunched together on clothes lines and wooden posts left to decay.  Legend goes that the owner of the property once saw a little girl drown and her spirit began haunting the place, so he started to collect dolls terrified of the ghost and wanted to protect himself. 

There is really nothing much to say other than this place is extremely creepy, and I would not like to go there alone, or make that ever. Some say they even move in the night and whisper to each other. 

Leap Castle, Ireland

leap castleCredit:

  Leap Castle is the most haunted castle in Ireland, so they say. It's horrific history includes terrible and bloody violence. One of the priest's, who was murdered by being stabbed in the back with a sword, spirit is said to wander the empty halls. In 1922, a secret dungeon was found by workmen, behind a wall of the infamous Bloody Chapel of the castle. What they found was human skeletons impaled by wooden spikes, and enough to fill 3 cart loads. 

 The castle is also known for a more dark, unnerving entity known as The Elemental. People say that "it" is a bestial spirit that roams the halls.


Sanzhi Resort, Taiwan 


Sanzhi is an abandoned tourist resort in northern Taiwan. Before the resort could be completed, investment capital dried up and was never finished, leaving the property to rot. Some say the spirits of the workers who died working on it still are around and roam Sanzhi. Now, all of the UFO pods have been demolished. 

Takakonuma Greenland, Japan


  On the outskirts of Hobara lies a very creepy abandoned theme park. Little in known about the park, and even more so about its location. It's not on any map, even on Google Maps. What is known though that it opened in 1973 but closed down two years later. Some say it was because of poor sales and needed fixing up, but many others say that it was because of the large amount of deaths that occurred on the rides. Apparently it was torn down and demolished in 2006, though Bill Edwards of the UK claimed he visited the park in 2007 untouched. He also took some pictures, and found that in the one of the front entrance, there is an unidentified girl in a white dress with a blank face staring at the camera. 

Haunted? Maybe. Creepy? Definitely. 

I for one, would not be first in line to visit any of these places. Of course, there are many more creepy places on Earth, but I have just highlighted a few of the ones I think are particularly spooky. Visit by your own will.