The Creepy Crawly Bug maker was the top of my son's Christmas list. Let me warn you now.. If you are not a fan of messes then you will not be a fan of this toy. The toy operates like this.

There is minimal assembly required. It requires a couple of AA batteries. There are three molds and one mold holder. One of the molds has a place to insert a tube so it can be a hollow bug. The molds are of some creepy looking bugs! There are "eggs" that come with the bug maker too. They come in green and orange. The eggs are basically little gels that you put into the bug maker machine. You insert the egg, I recommend about two into the top of the maker. There is a switch to turn it on. it takes about five minutes for the gel eggs to melt. The light will turn from red to green when it is ready. Insert the tube into the mold which is in the mold holder. Push down on the top to squeeze the ooze into the mold. Make sure you keep the top pushed down before as you take the gel squeezer out or else you will suck our the gel from the mold. Once you have your mold full of ooze take the mold out of the mold holder and place it in cool water.

It takes about three minutes for the ooze to solidify. The creepy crawler comes out of the mold easily. The kit comes with tweezers to take the creepy crawler out and comes with a plastic knife to trim the edges.

Now if yo make a hollow creep crawler, then take out the insert. Take the syringe and the bag of ooze that comes with the kit and squeeze it into the hollow center. I had a difficult time with getting the ooze into the syringe.

what do you do with your creepy crawler once it is made. The ones that are not hollow you can throw against the wall and it will walk down the wall. Do not throw the hollow crawlers with the ooze in it or you will have a big mess!

The cons to the creepy crawler bug maker is that it has a mess potential. The directions stated to put in two or three eggs. We put in three. Some of the ooze oozed out the top! I would make sure to do the creepy crawlers on a table top. The gel solidifies well and come up off of hard surfaces easily. Another disadvantage is that the bugs do come apart easily. Luckily the critters can be recycled into the creepy crawler machine again!

Pros,~ this is kind of fun. It is fun for kids to make their own creations. My son was pretending to be a scientist when we played with our Creepy Crawly bug maker. I like the fact you can make them hollow and fill them with goo! Sometimes it is just fun to be a messy kid!