The Cricut Gypsy is the latest innovation in scrapbooking that makes creating and producing designs for your memories easier and portable at the same time. This little wonder can be hooked up to either your home computer or your die cut machine at home but doesn't require either when it is carried out of the house for use. You can choose to download the die cuts you want directly to the device from your machines at home, or you can download them from the wide variety of cartridges that are available. Once saved in the Cricut Gypsy, they can easily be found by searching its enormous library using either the title of the cartridge or keywords for the designs. Also, when attached to the computer you can download CD contents as well.

The Gypsy is so small at around eight inches that it can fit into your backpack or purse for easy retrieval whenever you need it. When first purchased, it comes with the contents of two cartridges already saved in its memory. The cartridges that you purchase later can be downloaded once to the machine, and then it can be utilized in any Cricut machine. This makes the Provocraft Gypsy a virtual portable library of over ten thousand designs that can be stored and searched through at your whim.

The extras that can be purchased in addition to the machine make it easier to use your device on the road. A car charger that comes in a bundle pack allows you to keep your machine charged for the next time you need it, protective cover to prevent damage to your Gypsy, connection cables, and carrying bags for everything are just a few examples.

You can get a Cricut Gypsy on sale if you watch for offers and promotions from the company and retailers. The bundles of supplies that are offered are great ways to get a lot for less, saving you The Cricut Gypsymoney. You can even get a cheap Cricut Gypsy through auctions for a reasonable price. The machine is worth the cost for its easy to use search function, size, lightweight design, and large memory capability. It also keeps you from having to lug around a larger die cut machine and the attachments when you want to go to a friend's house for scrapbooking fun. This machine allows you to take the fun of scrapbooking along for the ride.