CrowdSPRING Home PageWay back in 2008 (I know, it wasn't really THAT long ago…), I became familiar with an emerging graphic design company entitled CrowdSPRING. In all my enthusiasm about this company's innovative concept and business plan, I couldn't help but tag on the word "Community", immediately following my boisterous verbalization of the word "CrowdSPRING", whenever I found myself bringing it up in casual conversation with my friends or family. Whether seated at a restaurant, or nestled in the back corner of a Barnes and Noble café studying with my fiancé, I had an inkling that the "CrowdSPRING Community" was poised for success and would turn into a phenomenon seemingly overnight. While I was mildly off on this estimate by a few months, in roughly a years' time they had developed their company into something that garnered the attention of thousands of people even beyond the tight knit graphic design community.

With a love of extreme sports and martial arts, I was one of those people.

Completely impressed by the sheer quality of designs, and the creative graphic design talent that gravitated towards this massive community of over 39,000+ 'creatives', since 2008, it has become a daily ritual of mine to continually explore their website, and their recently posted projects. While the fundamental idea goThree Stepsverning this website, suitably entitled "crowd-sourcing", has received its share of criticisms (particularly, on the side of the designer, who, after much hard work and labor may essentially win nothing for their submitted design(s), the CrowdSPRING Community's way of meticulously packaging and fostering their creative hub of graphic designers, is a concept that has been deemed simply 'brilliant' by this website's many willful daily users. In an era dominated by the importance of identity development, and branding, it is no surprise that CrowdSPRING has gained the monumental amount of attention that it has in a multi-billion dollar global industry revolving around graphic design services.

For someone so disattached, and uninvolved, in the graphic design community, it speaks volumes and serves as a testament to this company's following that they could attract even myself to the massive basin of creativity and ingenuity that I have become accustomed to finding on their website. This company is no joke, and their recently posted projects by elite cell phone mogul, LG (a CoLG's CrowdSPRING Contestmbination of Prizes worth $80,000 were posted!), motivational speaker 'Tony Robbins', as well as, the United States' governments' "House Committee on Ways and Means" demonstrate an emerging national sentiment towards the inherent value of 'crowds'.

Where massive, established, celebrities and organizations linger, it may certainly be an unappealing haven for those single individuals and small businesses who may need to utilize the services of the CrowdSPRING community for one reason or another. Fortunately, CrowdSPRING has successfully structured their website design, and services, towards catering to the needs of this massive global population, as well. For those who may not have an extra expendable income of up to $20,000 to put out for a single project, the beauty of the CrowdSPRING community is that it is truly accessible to people from all walks of life. Whether you are in need of an aesthetically pleasing website design, or re-design, or require a stunning logo for your company or venture, CrowdSPRING has clearly established itself as a formidable opponent in an absolutely saturated global market.

Prior to CrowdSPRING Foundersdiscovering the CrowdSPRING community, I had actually engaged a plethora of graphic design teams for various design project requirements of mine. While I have yet to have the 'need' to utilize CrowdSPRING's services, testimonials can be found in abundance through a simple Google search. Fortunately, also, their website is structured in such a way that the casual onlooker, like you or I, can view the exchanges, between various creatives and users that posted their projects and accompanying awards, as they occur in real time. For example, a comment(s) section is fully integrated into their graphic design website platform so that each individual design can have its own, unique, flow of feedback and information concerning the direction that the initial design is headed. This inherent facilitation of communication flow is absolutely necessary in the design process, and is one of the many reasons why I have gravitated to the CrowdSPRING community.

While I now partake in the CrowdSPRING community for leisure, I will be utilizing their creative services, in the future, when the need arises. Call it strange or awkward, but, I oftentimes do like to just hang out there. In digesting the various design considerations for any given project, even with little graphic design schooling outside of what I have personally taught myself, it is still quite enjoyable to have a light blue "People Love It" rating box under each design. While a minor element compared to the plethora of possibilities in CrowdSPRING's website, the inclusion of this little ratings' box does at least allow the casual passerby to give a hint of feedback regarding any given design. In the overall design process, the person, group, or organization who initially posted the project may find comfort in moving forward with the design process, of any particular design, if they know that that design received high ratings from the community as a whole.

If you are skeptical about CrowdSPRING, or the overall idea and concept of 'crowd-sourcing', it won't hurt to look around their website platform a bit. One of the reasons why I am consistently drawn back to the CrowdSPRING website is because I am thoroughly impressed by the skill and talent of various creatives, and, quite honestly, their website facilitates an awesome 'crowd' approach to the graphic design process. Even with no current projects posted, in casual browsing, I do feel like I am a part of the graphic design process in some way, shape, or form. This is actually really quite inspiring and motivating to someone who would otherwise be completely clueless and uninvolved in the graphic design process. In my own experience, it is interesting to see how casual lurking can lead the way to rating and commenting on designs, and, then, further trying out the service for one's self. Many people, companies, and organizations have utilized CrowdSPRING's services, and I know I am destined to be one, as well.

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