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Microsoft Office 2010 will hit the shelves in the next few months and this has left customers thinking if it is a good idea spending the dollars for a new version that has been released soon after the last edition. The beta of Office 2010 was released at the end of 2009 and shows off the many fresh additions that office enthusiasts are looking forward to. Every addition to the franchise has been known to be very expensive so for this reason it will require people to be persuaded and a requirement for the brand new extras that are in Office 2010 to make office enthusiasts feel like they need to upgrade. Industries have to purchase pay per computer they own so this could lead to a cost in the millions of dollar range depending on the number of computers within the business that operate the application. What this really means is that upgrading at the right time is becoming increasingly more important. In order to make the right decision office enthusiasts will really need to understand the new features of 2010 that make an improvement on 2007. This review will explain the new features on the world's most popular software office suite.

The first key feature of Office 2010 is the ribbon menu system from Office 2007 which is now available on the complete Microsoft software suite. In the past this wasn't even in Outlook and OneNote but in 2010 they have incorporated this loved menu system. The layout of the buttons is logical and intuitive to use so it won't leave consumers thinking how to do particular features. Another feature called the new quick step feature has been added into Outlook 2010 which allows people edit contacts and make meetings more efficiently and use emails better.

Another feature of the application that customers might enjoy is the addition of picture editing in Microsoft Word 2010. Prior to this edition you would have to have Paint or Adobe Photoshop to do to do a basic image edit task. The addition of this in Word 2010 means you could complete harder photo editing tasks with image effects, background removal and picture effects with ease.

In summary the new addition to the franchise has plenty of brand new features and techniques that users will will find useful for a long time. The big question still remains if this is worth upgrading at a price. There will be a wide audience that will have purchased 2007 in the last 8 months that are allowed to upgrade to 2010 for free with their purchase. If you do not have this option, then depending on the desire for the new features in Office 2010 and the cost of the product on release, you will need to decide what option is right for you or your company.

In Closing

In summary the new addition to the franchise has plenty of brand new features and techniques that users will will find useful for a long time.