I am not one who usually writes product reviews because there aren't many products that move me enough to take the time. Sure there are things that I like and things that I don't like, but in order to want to take the time to write a review it has to be something I really like or really don't like. After all, if I come along and say, "Yeah...it's okay." it doesn't really do you much good anyway. However, the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12 Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker is an item that definitely makes me want to write a review and even tell others the story of how we got ours and why it is so great.

My husband and I are coffee lovers. While neither of us needs a cup of joe to get the day started, we do enjoy it fairly often. We have our own espresso maker (with steaming capabilities), two French presses (of different sizes for different occasions), and even a stove top brewer. We only had a $10 coffee pot that we picked up one Black Friday a number of years ago. We decided it was time for an upgrade and that we were willing to spend a little more money. I didn't really care what we got as long as it wasn't going to be hard to clean.

However, my husband really cared. He read reviews, features lists, and did tons of research before he came to me and asked if he could spend $70 on our new coffee pot. I laughed, but didn't really care if he spent the money. I just found it funny that it took him a week to decide which coffee maker that he would want.

It arrived a few days later. It came out of the box and looked well enough, but it wasn't something I was going to jump up and down over. We set it up and my husband got to work on getting it ready for the first pot of coffee. That first cup of coffee changed everything.

The coffee was wonderful. Even with years of coffee drinking, I didn't know coffee from a drip brew could be that great. I worked at Starbucks and this was way past that. Because the water gets hotter than in most coffee makers this coffee is fantastic. You don't have to spend lots on a good coffee to make a great cup here, but when you do you will have something worth writing about. I know, I think it is worth writing about!

So, this machine makes the best brewed coffee that I have ever had. We still get out the espresso makers and the French Presses every now and again, but we use them about 90% less than we did before. It is quick and easy to toss in some grounds, add the water, and flip the switch. But the other features that this machine offer is also great.

It has a mesh filter so that you don't have to add paper to it. This is good for the environment, but also good for your coffee. We had one with our cheap $10 pot, but I threw it away after about two uses because it was horrible to clean. This one isn't! It's easy to wash, quick, and easy to use.

This pot has a great timer. It is easy to set and you can have it brew your morning coffee for you. This is a great feature that we have used a couple of times. For the most part we don't do this because we don't drink coffee every day.

It has a timer on the warming plate. This is great. I can leave the house and don't have to worry as much as to whether or not we turned it off. Sure, I try to remember for safety reasons, but it isn't as scary. I also don't have to worry about burning the coffee in the carafe!

It has a temperature dial for your warming plate. This is a feature that many coffee makers don't have and it's great. We usually keep ours on medium, but sometimes I am a bit wimpy when it comes to hot coffee and I will turn it down so that it keeps the coffee warm, but not really hot. On the other hand if you like yours to be really hot you can keep it that way with the higher options.

Usually we make 8 cups of coffee or more. However there are times when I am home alone and know I shouldn't have too much coffee because of stomach problems. It is at these times that I am very grateful that it has a 1-4 cup setting. This setting is designed to double heat the water to make sure that you get hot and excellent tasting coffee even when you are brewing a single cup. Most full size coffee makers don't have enough time to heat up a small amount of water and never get your small amounts of coffee hot enough. However, with this feature you have nothing to worry about and you can have your amazing coffee no matter how much or how little you want to drink that day (or night).

This machine also lets you know when it needs to be cleaned. This makes it easy to get that process done when it needs to be. Often time we have a hard time remembering until the coffee tastes nasty, but now there is no forgetting. Cleaning is done with vinegar and is healthier than many commercial products designed for coffee makers. It is also fast and easy and then back to great coffee.

All in all, I have never been happier to spend so much money. Normally I am cheap, but this was definitely worth the money. It offers lots of great features, is easy to clean, and makes the best of coffee with higher temps, a filter, and a cleaner pot. Don't want to take my word for it? Head on over to Amazon where you will find that more than 800 reviewers have given it five stars. Here's to great coffee and now that I am done writing this review I am taking a break and headed in to the kitchen for another cup!