A few weeks ago when I watched an episode of the fourth season of glee, Blaine (Darren Criss) sang “It’s Time” to Kurt (Chris Colfer). While the song was meant as an encouragement for Kurt to leave Lima for New York City, something struck me : the percussions on the cup was coming out of nowhere but was really well integrated into the song.

Glee : Blaine Singing

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To watch the cup performance from Blaine, order season 4 of Glee.

Pitch Perfect PosterCredit: Universal PicturesThen there was this interview of Anna Kendrick on Letterman explaining how she learned to play with a cup while singing. They even decided to integrate that in her new movie, Pitch Perfect (2012). Because Anna Kendrick is adorable, she performed it on the talk show (cup and voice are wonderful).
On a side note, Pitch Perfect is probably aimed at Glee fans and musical fans. It also deals with the “problem” of so many singers who overuse autotune in their songs. It started as a computer program that could make a not-so-good singer into a good singer by modifying the frequency of their voice so it would reach the note closest to the one they sing.
Now it everywhere and I think the movie is a good way to stir singing back to where it belongs : people who can sing without the help of computers and convey an emotion.

Anna Kendrick Performing the Cup Song On Letterman

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The wonderful movie about a capella university groups that was one of the highlights of 2012.

There are viral videos everyday and some of them are actually containing talent inside. That is what happened with Lulu and the Lampshades’s video. They originated the cup song : while performing percussions on a cup with a tricky choreography.

You're Gonna Miss Me, Lulu and the Lampshades

Another cover by Anna Burden which shows that a good video can be copied and still has talent in it.

Some people would say that there is nothing special about tapping a cup or even singing on Youtube but when someone does it with such simplicity and talent, it will catch on eventually. And it did.

Anna Burden - The Cup Song

There is now a trend on Youtube with people covering the cup song over and over again. It is a testament of how good the original video was. It is impressive to realize that between billions of videos, some of the best ones get to be put under a spotlight. Just when I think I cannot be impressed or that there cannot be anything new to see, someone shares a video just like that and it makes me happy.

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If you also want to try to sing the cup songs while doing percussion, you get get these red cups. Also, why not get your friends to join in the fun too ?