A particularly interesting chair design is that offered by P'kolino. Their designs are oriented towards soft, foam builds with suede coverings. This makes their chairs light as well as comfortable. Besides looking a bit classier than sillier chairs, they can also be easily moved by children, since they're made of light materials.

Ottomans and similar footrests aren't a dominant force in the children's chair industry. But they are available in good supply from the right manufacturers. Trend Lab and similar companies make chair and ottoman combinations that are sized and covered to appeal to children with both bright and more low-key designs. Most of their products are intended for comfort, with softness being a primary trait.

With primarily harder wooden and plastic offerings, a company like KidKraft tends to market towards those who need their children to concentrate in a playroom setting. However, there are also a number of leisure models, such as their ottoman and chair sets. The primary disadvantage in these lies in the sheer low height of the ottomans, which may not be appropriate depending on the age of the youthful occupant. However, these products are all among the more affordable ones available.

Does your child want a beanbag instead of a regular chair? Then try American Furniture Alliance products as one starting point. Their products, contrary to the company name, are generally suitable for all regions and nationalities, with generic but colorful use of themes. With most of their products being beanbags, a shopping trip through their catalog won't cost much money.

For smaller furniture that makes good use of limited space in design, slimmer hard models from A+ ChildSupply and similar companies are a good selection. The company does offer some soft, padded varieties of chairs for children too, but their specialty is clearly in wood and plastic-based types. Although a bit lacking in luxuries, their chairs do have great virtue in frugal design measures.

The use of sets of **cafe tables and chairs** is one of the major defining points of the Guidecraft catalog. Such furniture, sized for children, tends towards playroom and schoolroom items, with the predominance of wood and plastics. Softening the material choices somewhat, the themes used are mostly intellectually engaging for young minds. There are also some plain models, for people who don't want children to be distracted.

Not all **child chairs** are equally interesting to look at. Some, like Fantasy Furniture chairs, are designed to be particularly amusing to see, both in terms of shape and color use. Though tending towards the more expensive price points, the unique designs make these chairs very memorable and enjoyable for children and parents who care about how things look.

Do you need to get more than just a chair, but general furnishings for a room for a child or multiple children? Some manufacturers are better at catering to that need than others. Children's Factory products are especially good about matching each other despite making vivid use of color in their designs. The different chairs available is also fairly impressive; one kind find many types suitable for various activities for children.