In the wake of the recent housing market collapse in the United States, and the subsequent recession that still lingers, many new opportunities have arisen for the clever property investor to take advantage of from the use of online listings to pooling resources for larger or overseas property investment options.  While many investors are still feeling the effects of the recession, many others have used the resources available online and through other means to stay profitable and ahead of the pack, even in the worst of economic times.

New Strategies for Property Investors

The recent troubling economic times have given rise to some new and very profitable property investment options from foreclosure options to some of the lowest rates and market prices in years.  Many think it is a bad time to invest in property, and while 2010 was the worst year for home sales since 1997, December 2010 was the fastest sales pace of the previous seven months.  This illustrates the fact that there are options out there, and they are emerging and being taken advantage of quickly.

Using some simple investment tools like software and online resources, as well as the

The Current Pre Foreclosure List and Other Real Estate Options Online

many government incentives, tax breaks, and low interest rates now available, property investors are capitalizing on these opportunities, regardless of the current overall financial climate.  Another very effective strategy that investors are using is the lease-to-own option for residential and commercial properties, which is highly beneficial to both parties as investors seek ways to hold onto property and tenants need more affordable payments with less liability.

Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

The recession has also prompted many investors to take matters into their own hands, quite literally, through means like learning repair techniques to identify possible money-pits, improve current properties and help buy and sell others.  Merely knowing the potential costs of repairs or even the upkeep of a potential investment property can be the insight needed to acquire it or leave it alone, whereas others may just see a low price or a structure-needing repair.

Using a pre foreclosure list is also an effective strategy for taking an active role in acquiring the best properties, and from negotiating with the current owner to the creditors that are owed, these properties can often be obtained easily and significantly cheaper.  In addition to using the pre foreclosure list for finding potential investments, it can also be used to gauge the potential of a particular market area, which can be the difference in moving the property or being stuck with it for some time.

Strength in Numbers

Many investors have opted to weather the various financial storms through the strength in numbers provided by a property investment company.  These companies pool resources from a group of investors and share the profits accordingly, which takes much of the risk and liability away from the investor, but also substantially reduces the profits of any one individual.  These are great options for those lacking the time or resources to pursue the ventures on their own, and they are a great source of recurring income as well.