Win The War On Drugs?

I love my country, but I fear my government. The previous sentence, of course, is commonly used.  I had first heard it used as a slogan for NORML, the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws. The persons among us not overly busy thinking themselves some righteous sort of thing have always known how obscene its been in our society for a person to be locked away, given a fine, or denied jobs for having been deemed a law breaker for possession of a plant which has over 6,000 more years of history of medicinal use within humanity than it has as something "criminal" to possess.

If someone were to push the subject past marijuana prohibition then the numbers of persons who're likely to agree prohibition of more powerful contraband intoxicants also should be done away with would decline very very quickly. After all, marijuana is only a plant which grows nearly everywhere all on its own.  More powerful drugs such as cocaine aren't something most persons want available in their neighborhoods.  People most often view cocaine as something too powerful and with too much potential towards destruction and addiction to be tolerable.

It's simply not important what the majority of persons think or believe.  What is important is what is true.  Regarding whether or not cocaine, or even cocaine in the form of crack is more or less dangerous than alcohol, that's something quite up for debate.  There are some recent studies which suggest alcohol the more dangerous substance of the two[1]. 

Traditionally it has been our Central Intelligence Agency, a global terrorism group, who's been involved in the trafficking of cocaine in the USA[2].  Oh there are still some folks who wish to not believe this, but it is plainly true.  Those easy, fast profits cocaine can bring can be used to fund weapons deals in the Middle East[3], or whatever other anti-democratic terror campaign the CIA is currently involved in.

 Here very recently, it's the Drug Enforcement Agency who's been proven to have been involved in the domestic sales of cocaine.  Right here in the USA the agencey ostencibly responsible for stopping cocaine sales, has in fact, been responsible for the sales instead[4]. How is any of this surprising?  How is it someone could be so slow in the mind to think the US federal government was not involved in domestic drug dealing?  Are people awake at all?

El Chapo Guzman

El Chapo

El Chapo Guzman, The DEA, And Drug Trafficking In The USA

Who is El Chapo Guzman ?

Simply put, "El Chapo" is the king of the Sinaloa drug cartel.  He is the wealthiest and most powerful drug lord since the death of Pablo Escobar. Joaquin Guzman Loera is the proper name for "El Chapo, "and the Spanish phrase translates simply as "shorty."

Born in April of 1957, Guzman has been the single most powerful drug lord in the world since 2003 when rival Osiel Cardenas, head of the Gulf Cartel, was arrested.  Forbes magazine ranks Guzman one of the world's most powerful people[5], and has every year since 2009. While the man's personal wealth and relative power compared to Escobar's is something hard to calculate and compare, he is a billionaire, and the DEA, as an American business associate of Guzman's, says he's more wealthy than Escobar was, and they ought to know.

So Guzman is the most powerful drug lord of all time[6].  The DEA has been working with Guzman, providing him military grade weapons, and allowing him to import not just cocaine, but heroin and methamphetamine as well, anywhere he wants in the USA.  So friends, exactly what do we have the DEA for?  If the DEA is allowing drug sales, then who are they busting? That's right, the DEA has been busting the rivals of Guzman, which makes them business partners[7].

So the Drug Enforcement Agency isn't involved in anything but supervising the flow of drugs from the Sinaloa cartel on their way up North, and in Chicago, 80 percent of all illegal drugs found are linked to the Sinaloa cartel, and El Chapo Guzman.  How does that make you feel, you taxpayers, to know your tax dollars are wasted on the war on drugs?  How does it make you feel to know the local police and the county police and the state police and all others are arresting your sons and daughters, your aunts and uncles, your brothers and sisters, and your mothers and fathers for drug use while at the same time the federal government's DEA is supervising the shipments of those drugs into the USA?

It's time to end the drug war.  Prohibition of drugs has corrupted every police entity in the USA, and quite obviously, the government of the USA has been corrupt all the while.  It's time to as a people stop paying the income taxes that fund these agencies.  Most horrific of all, our private prison industry is profiting from this too.  This drug war is a war against the American citizen, paid for by American citizens.  It's time to wake up.