Side collisions are vehicle accidents that often happen at intersections. These accidents often take place because of driver negligence, driving under the influence, and traffic disobedience. When a vehicle gets hit hard on its side, its driver and passengers may be severely injured, or even killed. The property damages of a side collision can also be devastating.

Some auto experts, however, claim that repairing a damage caused by side collision is much cheaper than a damage caused by a head-on crash. This is because most cars that are involved in side collisions only sustain damages on just a few parts. As a result, it would be cheaper to look for just one part or feature of that particular vehicle.

Another consequence of side collisions is personal injury. If the oncoming vehicle crashed to the driver's side of the car, the driver may suffer life-threatening injuries. The rescuing party plays a major role to preserve life in these kinds of situation. If the wounded driver or passenger survives the accident, he will have the right to file charges against the liable party.

In this kind of situation, it is crucial to identify who was responsible in the accident. Following are some resources where the involved parties can obtain evidence:

  • Witnesses – Anyone who has seen the incident first-hand can be considered a witness. However, remember that perceptions of witnesses about what happened are not always the same. In order to use a witness as a source of evidence, his testimonies should be confirmed by the authorities and verified by other witnesses.
  • Police records of the liable party – Though they can not be used all the time, police and driving records can help in identifying an individual's driving attitude. If he got involved in several accidents in the past, he might, but not necessarily, be involved in the current accident.
  • Video footage from the traffic camera at the accident scene – Among these sources, the most important would be the video footage because it shows which of the two parties did not obey the traffic lights and entered the intersection, which led to the accident.

If a party has been proven guilty in a side collision accident, he would be required to provide compensatory damages to the victim. Compensatory damages include property damages and medical expenses, as well as payments for lost wages and pain and suffering. If you do not want to be burdened with this kind of problem, just follow traffic signs and signals, especially in intersections. To know more about side accident collision prevention, just seek legal advice from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer near you.