Dangers of Bed Bugs

Do you know the dangers of bed bugs? If you don't then you should. The reason for this being that bed bugs are on the rampage and people unknowingly pick them up right and left and by the time they figure out what is going on they're infested with these bugs and don't know what to do. In the beginning they really don't believe it and sort of go into denial thinking that it can't be possible. Well, it is possible and it does happen to unsuspecting people who don't know what to look for or don't even give a bed bug a thought until it is too late. Once you get bed bugs they're hard to get rid of, therefore, the best plan is to educate yourself like you're doing right now and learn the dangers of bed bugs.

8 Dangers of Bed Bugs

1. The first danger of bed bugs is ignorance many people don't know that they need to be on the alert. They just go about their daily lives as always not knowing that they are something they should be concerned about. Did you know that most people that get bed bugs get them in an ordinary public place that they may have visited many times? For example, a movie theater is such a place. You may have been to the movies a hundred times or more but know that these bugs thrive in this environment. It is dark and people sit still for long periods of time, which is perfect for a bed bug lunch to take place.

2. Another danger of bed bugs is the myth that only dirty or unsanitary people get these bugs. WRONG! This is untrue and gives so called clean or neat freaks the impression that they cannot get bed bugs. Consequently, they go about as the people above ignorant that a bed bug is no respecter of persons. A bed bug doesn't know or care if you're clean they just want your blood, it's how they survive.

3. There is also a psychological side to the dangers of bed bugs in that once you get them you become anxious and tend to continuously be on guard worrying about getting them again and did I really get rid of them, are they still here and on and on. Make no mistake about it, it is a nerve wracking ordeal. In fact, you can get downright paranoid about bed bug and bed bug solutions.

4. The physical dangers of bed bugs sometimes aren't as bad as the psychological ones at least once you clear up the bites they're gone for good. Not so true with the mind as it may continue to fret. Anyway, bed bugs bite and the bite can leave welt like bumps that may itch and leave scabs. To treat bed bug bites simply use calamine lotion or other type of ointment to calm the skin and relieve itching.

5. More serious physical dangers of bed bugs that can manifest is that a person may have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites or the bites could become infected and in severe cases cause anemia.

6. Along with the dangers of bed bugs biting comes not knowing that you were indeed bit by a bed bug. People tend to think it is something else like a mosquito bite, flea bite or anything but a bed bug. In most cases this is exactly why the infestation of bed bugs gets out of control.

7. Bed bugs hide, so we don't see them they have the ability to flatten themselves and live in the seams of the mattress and other places that we have a hard time seeing.

8. Yet another danger of bed bugs is that they travel. Yes, they creepy crawly into luggage and end up in motel and hotel beds. Then a poor unknowing soul gets into the bed and becomes dinner. But wait, there's more, then the bed bugs get into their luggage and they take them home.

If you decide to stay oblivious to the dangers of bed bugs then you just might end up taking them home with you. If you do then you will need a bed bug solution like the one below.

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