The development of communication through technology has made it easier for people to keep in touch. No matter where your loved ones are, telephones, mobile phones, even desktop or laptop computers will help you connect to them effortlessly.

Since the use of gadgets is more prominent now, some people may think that writing letters is already out-of-style, or a method that only those who are living in the past still do. In reality, there are people, even companies, which still require courier service to send out mail. Sending messages through gadgets may be more effective and faster, but sending written mail covers a wider range of customers, including those who live on areas that a telephone, cell phone or computer can't reach.

Bicycle messengers or bike couriers are people employed by courier companies who handle the task of delivering items or letters by bicycle. Bikes are used because their compact frame makes it easier for the bike messengers to pass through traffic, therefore taking less travel time. Some courier companies also use motorcycles, but bicycles obviously are easier to manage with no gas expenses.

But along with the compact size and easiness to maneuver, bikers are also at risk on the road. Like motorcycles, bicycles don't have a protective covering that shields its rider from any obstruction or accident he may encounter. It also needs to be balanced constantly so any wrong move from the bike messenger may cause him to tumble or crash on to another vehicle. Some bike messenger accidents even involve the biker getting pinned between two huge vehicles.

Whether or not bike messenger accidents are caused by other negligent drivers or by the biker himself, it is important to take note of safety precautions to minimize the occurrence of said accidents.

  • Wear safety gear – Helmets will protect the rider from head injuries, while knee and elbow pads prevent road rash. There are other safety equipments the rider can wear to minimize injuries due to accidents.

  • Be aware of traffic regulations in the area – Bicycles are also subject to the same traffic laws like that of a normal vehicle. Take note of street signs and stop lights, and know whether the bicycle is permitted on a particular road or not. Bicycles are usually not allowed on expressways or interstate highways.

  • Make yourself noticeable to other drivers – Wear colors that are bright enough to be seen by the other motorists. Use white headlights, red taillights, and reflectors that are visible to the drivers. Equip your bicycles with horns that are loud enough to be heard and noticed.