We all want a clean, comfortable home. We all want to live in a germ, virus and mold free home. We all want to escape the pollution of the outside world once we enter our homes, right? Then why are we all using toxic chemicals to clean the insides of our homes? It is true that bleach does a great job at destroying mold and sanitizing surfaces, but it also provides a serious health risk to everyone who inhales its vapors. At what point does the cost of clean become a health risk?

I remember years ago buying a solution at a local bulk food store that claimed to be the best shower cleaner on the planet. You know what, it worked great! It worked so quickly and effortlessly that I was completely amazed. It burned my eyes when I opened the bottle. It caused me to enter into coughing fits after a few minutes of using it in my small bathroom, and it changed the taste of everything that I ate for the next few days. The product was pure acid. The label did warn to wear protective eyewear, gloves and a true respirator, but who really reads all of that stuff? I sure didn't. I just broke the scrubbing pad that came with it and went to town on my filthy shower. This product is now no longer available by the way. I know the damage that it did to me, but have come to wonder about what other damage I did by using it. How much of it was released into the air? How much of it is now flowing into the oceans? What are the long term affects of dumping acid down my shower drain?

Now I don't believe that we should all stop cleaning, but there are better alternatives to harsh chemicals. With a little research you can find tons of safe cleaners for your home. After about an hour of surfing the web for great cleaning ideas, you will find out that there are thousands of cleaning products that you can safely make out of a lemon, some salt and a little vinegar. It's a little MacGyver like, but why not make your home safer and stop dumping terrible chemicals down our drains. When I look at the ingredients of products such as Drain-o or CLR Cleaner, I fear how much damage that we have all done.