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What is emotional infidelity? Are you wondering what is it all about? Is it okay even if you're in a committed relationship? Well you are not alone. A lot of people may define infidelity as only on the physical level. As a matter of fact, many people do not believe that emotional infidelity even exists. Well they're misinformed!

First let's understand the meaning of "emotional infidelity." This normally occurs when somebody in a committed relationship/marriage gets involved in an emotionally with another person outside of the relationship. This might seem trivial at first but it can intensify and turn into something else –it may eventually become physical.

Therefore, if you've forged a friendly relationship that you cannot tell your mate/partner about then you must seriously ask yourself "why?" To be dead honest, you should not be having a friendship with anybody that you can't openly and candidly discuss with your partner. The instant your mate is excluded in any part of your life a potential risk is at hand. An emotional aloofness is happening. With aloofness comes real and potential troubles to your relationship.

This does not mean that you have to narrate to your spouse/partner every bit of your day. The point here is that if you are intentionally keeping a secret friendship with a third person, and concealing the nature of that friendship, from your better half, then there lies the problem!

You must also consider, how your partner would feel if he or she ever finds out? Perhaps you may be sharing confidential details of your life with your clandestine friend? What do you think your partner would feel about that, knowing that any troubles the two of you are experiencing are being openly talked about with somebody else outside of your relationship? Not only that, this other individual may quickly become a destructive factor in your relationship?

Emotional infidelity may appear like harmless play at first but it could quickly and dangerously intensify into something that can gravely threaten your relationship. You will later find that your mate will have figured out the fact that you're becoming more distant than usual. Because you are sharing intimate information with someone else, soon enough you are thinking about that other person more and more.

When this happens, it can be a shortly lead to the next step towards a consummation of a physical relationship. This is the reason why any emotional attachment that your mate is not aware of it so dangerous.

If you are experiencing a problem in your relationship, it is best straightened out between you and your mate. If need arises, get professional outside help from a reputable marriage counselor.

Do not make the mistake of allowing yourself to fall into emotional infidelity because it is just as severe as physical infidelity.