By now, we are all aware of the health benefits of eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  Reduced rates of cancer, heart disease and other health problems like high blood pressure typically result from a diet high in these foods.  Also, fresh fruits and veggies contain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and other substances that can’t actually be found in a multi-vitamin.  Many people have experienced dramatic improvement in cosmetic problems like acne and wrinkles as well as a general “glow” from eating what their bodies need.

Unfortunately, most of our commercial produce is laden with pesticides and often grown is substandard soil which is devoid of nutrients.  So, not only do these fruits and vegetables ultimately not deliver the nutrients that they should, the pesticides actually slowly poison us over time. 

In reality, the pesticides in most of our commercially grown produce is actually contributing to the skyrocketing rates of cancer and not reducing it.  We can always purchase supplements that contain some of the benefits of eating nutrient rich produce, but no supplements can truly replace raw food in quality.  Also, there are always new nutrients being discovered and not consuming the actual foods which contain all of the nutrients needed for a healthy life will leave us vitamin and mineral deficient in some way.

In children, early exposure to pesticides causes higher rates of leukemia and other forms of cancer such as brain cancer.  Fetuses exposed to pesticides exhibit lower cognitive scores as babies and children and also may have growth issues.  In adults, years of exposure to these pesticides can cause many health problems such as cancer, chronic fatigue, liver and kidney disease and reproductive damage.

The best way to endure that your produce is pesticide free is to grow it yourself.  Ultimately this approach will also save money as organic produce is more expensive than non-organic.  However, growing produce at home is not always possible.  Some people don’t have a yard and others simply don’t have the time or desire to grow fruits and vegetables.

The second best option is to purchase only organically grown produce.  This is definitely more expensive than buying non-organic, but is truly worth it for the health of your family.

If growing or purchasing organic produce is not a realistic option due to financial concerns, then there are commercially prepared produce washing solutions that are non-toxic and effective.  Most of us are in the habit of washing our produce with plain water only.  This is really not effective.  Another option is to rinse your produce in vinegar and then water.