Brief Introduction to the Author 

Abigail Gibbs is an eighteen year old born in Devon and currently studying for a BA in English at the University of Oxford.

She started writing this novel at the age of fourteen and posted it under a pseudonym over on, a website designed for sharing stories. Originally, the story was called Dinner With A Vampire - Did I Mention I'm A Vegetarian?  However, Abigail changed the title to what it is now when with it was published four years later. 

The book is aimed at the YA market, but by no means is this novel for the faint hearted.  It is darker and violent than similar books, such as the Twilight series. 

The Plot

The story starts off in Trafalgar Square, London, where seventeen year old Violet Lee, the daughter of the Secretary of State for Defence, happens to come across a murderous blood bath involving vampire Kaspar Varn and his friends.  Being a witness to these events, Kaspar decides to kidnap Violet and take her back to his mansion. From thereon, we see Violet having to deal with a number of misfortunes including attempted rape, other vampires lusting after her and discovering her father's involvement in the past.  Her friendship with Kaspar's sister Lyla quickly turns to jealousy, when Lyla discovers that another vampire she  fancies also has feelings for Violet.    

The Good Bits

Firstly, I am going to give the front cover a mention here, because I really like it.  It has a gothic feel to it and reflects the mood set out in the book. 

Next, I liked the way that the chapters are split between the view points of both Violet and Kaspar.  It allows for the feelings of both characters to come through, where the last one left.

The idea of the Prophecy and Dark Heroines from other realms, coinciding with humans and other mythical creatures is interesting.  However, neither of these aspects is explained in great detail and reading further into the book, I am left with more unanswered questions and wanting to read more.  That's one way of keeping readers hooked!

The love/hate relationship between Kaspar and Violet is amusing, but not enough things happen to connect the two emotions together.  I think this is down to the fact that there are too many things going on all in one book.  I was left feeling that Kaspar lacks warmth and at times I am left wondering what Violet sees in him.

The Bad Bits

I will not spoil the plot, but having read the book from start to end, it is at times quite hard to believe how our heroine can fall for her captor.  The problem being, that Kaspar is portrayed as a womaniser, arrogant and smug.  Born into vampire royalty, Kaspar he is supposed to have years on her which should make him more mature for his age, but this can become quiet difficult to grasp, as his mannerisms seem to reflect his immaturity - constant repeating about him smirking.  That's all he does - smirk and his repetitiveness of the word "girly" is annoying.  I mean who uses this word?  To me, I imagine a father reprimanding his daughter, not a word between two lovers.  Here this is the only nickname we hear Kaspar use. 

There are slight grammatical errors, which stick out like a sore thumb at points, even for myself and I am not an expert in proof reading.  There are couple of incorrect words in sentences, which will make me pause for a moment.  I really think that the Author has been let down in respect of the editing and I do hope that at some stage, someone will make the effort to proof read this before re-publishing in the future.

The Sequel

Having read the entire book which is some 550 pages long, there are still unanswered questions, but I have since discovered that Abigail is releasing a sequel in 2013, called Autumn Rose. 

Autumn Rose is a character who makes a brief, but important appearance in Dinner With A Vampire, for she is the first Dark Heroine of the Prophecy, whose mission is to find the next Dark Heroine.  The second book will be written from Autumn Rose's perspective. 

However, Abigail has stated that this is not the last that we will see Violet or Kaspar, but when and where they will appear again, still remains unclear.  I really do hope we will read about them, because the first book does leave things unfinished.

The idea of the prophesies needs to be better explained - what exactly is this and when, if ever, will the remaining Heroines be discovered?  We will have to wait and see.

Overall, the story is interesting and I definitely cannot wait to read the next book in the Dark Heroine series.