Cancer tactics

Control Cancer - Before the Treatment Controls You and all Your Money

Not all doctors and therapists conform to mainstream strategies that have more in common with the health of their bank account than the survival rate of their cancer patients. We salute the noble practitioners who regard Gerson, Linus Pauling, Joanna Budwig and Brownstein as heroes. If your doctor is booking you in for a mammogram and is not aware of how these pioneers cured cancer then ask for a second opinion! Today a growing cancer-hype compels people to seek a diagnosis that may condemn them to death. It is time to wake up to the truth about what cancer is and how it can be treated. Out there we have both mainstream and alternative approaches to cancer that can rob you of your time, money and ultimately your vital forces. We need to investigate and make a decision based on facts - not fallacy and finance.

Doctor Mercola exposes the lie. He gives us solutions and does not send a bill

Medical authorities like Dr Mercola who understand the problem do not favour radiation, surgery and chemotherapy as a primary option. A number of unselfish practitioners share their ideas and protocols freely with everybody on the internet. For them it is about helping people to help themselves, as you will see when you click on Dr Mercola's website. But first we need to take off the blindfolds and sort out the quacks from the realists because alternative medicine has been given a bad name by opportunistic individuals who can do as much damage to an unsuspecting patient as mainstream medicine in the first place! The bigger the lie the more people believe it.

Watch out for pink ribbons, shaving heads and fund-raising - why?

The pink ribbon movement sounds innocent enough and people gladly part with money to try to find a cure for cancer. Everybody is affected by the looming life-devouring cancer monster that must be slain and conquered at all costs. But the pink ribbon is a dark and devious player. It can rob you of money, it can steal your hair and cut off your breasts. All in the name of "trying to save us from cancer by finding a cure. What it does is spread fear and generate breast cancer, a condition that was never a major event on the medical playing field. But now radiation, needle biopsies and breast pummeling have teamed up with hormone replacements to spread it along.

There are plenty of natural ways to treat, control and prevent cancer

Nobody mentions the role of iodine in both treating and preventing breast cancer and hormonal imbalances. Establishing a cure for cancer would deprive the industry of gullible clients is what a number of independent doctors are trying to tell us.  There are plenty of effective natural cures for what we call cancer. But oncologists have no intention of finding a cure, let alone a safe and harmless way to face the disease and restore the patient back to health. If their intentions were indeed so honourable by now they would have done so. But they would run out of cancer patients - especially if they showed people how to genuinely prevent cancer in the first place. At best they try to vaccinate people against infections. Many people have died or become seriously ill as a result of such forms of legal medical intervention. The vaccines are so specific it is easy enough to be infected by a similar strain.

It is legal to die in a hospital. Alternatives are regarded as illegal

The same applies to antibiotics. Many of them are ineffective against bacteria that can kill you. Yet the continued use of antibiotics has helped to spur on cancer in a more devious way, by destroying over 80% of the immune system. The antibiotics are taken, regardless of the type of infection and all patients are told to finish the course, even if they have a viral infection! The gut bacteria are wiped out and this is what weakens the immune function. The one thing that cancer thrives on is deficient immunity and HIV / AIDS helps this condition along! According to statistics, most people die from infectious diseases like drug-resistant tuberculosis or pneumonia and not from breast or colon cancer.

It is always legal to diagnose people with cancer. Even if the results are mixed up and another patient receives a diagnosis indicating a false positive - it is still not breaking the law. Too bad about how the drastic news that gets delivered in a "white jacket" affects a healthy person. This is known as a nocebo effect and people can die from a muddled diagnosis because of the power it exerts on the mind. But it is perfectly legal as far as mainstream medicine is concerned. It is legal enough to jab needles into cysts and expose vulnerable tissue to radiation in order to help the diagnosis along, as it were. At the same time most people are encouraged to take medications that

Meet the pioneers who found alternatives to chemotherapy

Natural, simple, safe and cheap cancer remedies are usually viewed with suspicion by mainstream. They have been swept under the mat and now it is time to take a look at that wealth of information. Get familiar with the case histories and natural protocols people have used "illegally" to cure people. Joanna Budwig was kicked out of the oncology wing because she used flaxseed oil and cottage cheese to cure her patients. It seems to be perfectly legal to die from a mainstream diagnosis and treatment, no matter how wrong it goes - you do not break the law. But unless we understand the science behind how the fatty acids from simple foods can be used to control the development and spread of cancer cells we will remain in total darkness.

Both hemp and cannabis oil work in a similar way, by reacting with the fatty acid balance around a cancer cell. The fact is, if you are suffering from what has been "diagnosed" as an incurable or inoperable brain tumour would you sit back and remain legally diseased or would you opt for some other form of treatment that may illegally cure you of a life threatening disease? A three-year old boy suffering from leukemia was cured with cannabis oil. No side effects, no exorbitant costs, no transplants, no sunflowers! Just phytotherapy from the old weed, cured the cancer.

Citrus pulp holds the key to controlling the spread of cancer. Is this true?

The simple mechanism whereby cell metastasis can be controlled by a natural, cheap extract made from citrus pulp remains a secret to people who do not look for alternative treatments.  Yet they are worth investigating. Like a sensible diet, fresh air, exercise and a few doses of herbs and supplements; nature has a wealth of remedies available to treat the different aspects of cell division commonly branded as cancer. Why blow it up into a scary, incurable disease?

Good doctors are the beloved physicians who still go out of their way to help patients who truly wish to overcome the ravages of cancer and other man-made diseases. We salute them and hope this information and collection of natural resources serves to help and empower them and their patients.

Chop chopThis brief survey of the cancer industry will help to wake people up to what really goes on underneath the synthetic white cloak of medical deception. I have lost too many dear ones to what we call cancer to ignore the need to investigate what it is, how it happens and how we can help to control it.

We have been deceived and robbed of our feminine dignity for too long. 


We all have failsafe mechanisms to protect us from the ravages of cancer

Cancer treatment has developed into a thriving business. Call it mainstream oncology or use alternative terminology but business booms to the extent that there is plenty to offer the patient but no real cure at any stage. The truth is that there is no real disease to cure. The condition that appears to be what we call cancer is merely an accumulation of errors that results in excessive and uncontrolled cell proliferation. When each of the causative factors are singled out and well defined they are easy enough to correct. Even broccoli helps to treat as well as prevent some forms of cancer. But you won't find it next to the Coca Cola and chocolates in the hospital tuck shop!

We were not created in God’s image to “get” cancer. We have been equipped with intricate mechanisms to control cell division. We are protected by an immune system that can detect and immediately deal with damaged cells or their untoward proliferation. We now destroy this perfect security system in the name of diagnosing and then “treating” cancer as well as a number of other inflammatory conditions. The abuse of antibiotics destroys over 80% of the immune system and cortisone deactivates the little of it that remains. Fear is used to increase the hold that cancer can have on the mind and hence the body. We can imagine symptoms untile they manifest as lumps!

There are orthodox and alternative ways of tricking you into the trap

We take synthetic or bio-identical steroid hormones that can trigger rampant, uncontrollable cell division and then wonder where the lumps and bumps come from. Yet we fail to ask why we should not be able to produce the right hormones at the right time throughout our lives - the way God planned it. We call this a scientific approach, to interfere. Even if the patient already has cancer they are advised to keep on using progesterone cream to “balance” the oestrogen. In most cases urine testing can indicate pro-cancerous potential years before any lumps and bumps form in breast tissue. How many people know that even a cheap, simple pregnancy test can detect many forms of cancer? Most of our tender lumps are due to an iodine deficiency but we prefer to scan and irradiate our mammary glands instead. Poking needles into the lumps then damages the tissue and causes cell proliferation or what can then be diagnosed as cancer. Oops!

Intimidate the patient, administer treatment and charge a fee

We call this modern or orthodox medicine. It ought to be based on the guidelines of a man called Hippocrates who said: “first do no harm.” I also remember him telling doctors to rather consider the type of patient who has the disease instead of the type of disease the patient has. Those were the days when food was considered to be your medicine. All this has been forgotten and yet doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath. Then they don their white jackets and check out the bank account of their patients prior to admitting them to the oncology wing of the hospital. They produce vaccines, drugs and treatments and create conditions or effects to justify their application. The greatest marketing tool is fear - especially the fear of the unknown.

To the degree that we fail to respect or maintain our innate protective devices we become vulnerable to the condition we now call cancer. Cancer treatment has become the mainstay of the health industry. The seeds are sown, the disease is manifest and customers are created for gruesome forms of treatment that include chemical poisoning, radiation and invasive surgery. They can suffer and be humiliated, lose their hair, breasts and most of all their dignity and quality of life. They are brainwashed into thinking that the early detection of their “cancer” and the swift, brutal and invasive treatment has saved their life. So who needs to find a cure? Do we really know how to prevent the cancer that took so long to detect? The call a mammogram an early form of detection but many years before the lump is evident; the patient may be developing pre-cancerous conditions. In this vulnerable state they are given HRT or progesterone cream without a thorough urinalysis. Not even a 2/16 test, let alone a 24 hour collective analysis. How many of them are given iodine?

Cancer is a booming industry based on a steady supply of bewildered patients

The prevailing mind-set that cancer is so easy to get and so difficult to cure is the driving force of what has become a sustainable and highly profitable industry. We are familiar with companies that list on the stock exchange and make annual profits for shareholders. Based on economic empowerment and a growing hinterland of incurable patients the dark business of oncology is engineered as a format for lucrative profiteering. The monster promises to find a cure but knows it would curtail the sale of therapeutic merchandise. Yet it is the promise that they are getting very close to a cure for cancer that pulls at the purse strings of people who cling to such hopes. Cancer research is a contrivance and there are no cures for lies and deceit.

Raise funds to find the cure for cancer or raise awareness and empower yourself?

Treating cancer is not about blindly raising funds for so-called research to raise false hopes. The only thing that needs to be raised is awareness. I say this because we are constantly asked to donate our products to raise money for pink ribbons and sunflowers. These well-meaning women are dedicated to raise funds because they are doing their best to help cancer patients who desperately need more money. I asked myself what would happen to all the funds that they had raised. Would it directly “cure” a cancer patient or would it be diffused into the dark and deadly business of oncology? That was the telling moment that propelled me into finding a way to help control the monster we call cancer. To make these people to open their eyes and help to prevent cancer in the first place!

No more shaving your hair and cutting off ponytails and selling the hair to make wigs. Can such folly help to cure cancer? Cutting off your breasts for fear of cancer genes was the last insult to injury. How bad is the brainwashing to make a beautiful woman like Angelina Joly fear cancer to the extent she is willing to go to such extremes. Surely we have better role models to follow?

Death by diagnosis, death by treatment and there may not have been any cancer!

Our society is repetitively traumatized by what we regard as tangible evidence that people die from cancer. But most of us still don’t really know what cancer is or how it is caused. The strange thing is that cancer is not really a disease. It is certainly not infectious and is not even as all-encompassing as a plague. Yet the fear of getting cancer is what infects our minds and the media is well aware of this. It is the advertising agency of the cancer industry and few people question what they read about mainstream propaganda - pink ribbons, sunflowers and all!

We are told we get cancer from the air we breathe or from microwave ovens or deadly parabens. What next? I laugh because parabens are natural phytochemicals that are present in mangoes, granadilla and other fruit. Parabens protect them from pathogens like moulds and fungi. They do not resemble oestrogens and actually help to control deadly moulds that affect the growth of cancer. We really can’t trust the media and need to do our own homework. Some doctor goofed about parabens and people have believed this sort of trash ever since. It is used as a marketing tool to sell cosmetics but it is not the truth. Our air is not that healthy but people smoke a lot less these days, yet more people die of lung cancer than ever before. Radiation is everywhere and microwave ovens are only the tip of the iceberg. People use computers, talk on cell phones, have X-rays taken at the dentist but they tell people not to use microwave ovens. Is this not curious?

The business of treatment versus cure

The treatment of any disease is profitable but to cure a patient does not offer the same steady source of income for the shareholders. The two arms of medical malpractice are based on drugs and intervention and they have enough harmful side effects to inflict on a patient to maintain disease and illness by degrees. A slow death is the better option and more drugs can be used. Nutrition, supplementation and simple techniques to restore the patient to vibrant health are not a priority. Investigating the way that phytochemicals present in artemisia, for instance can kill breast cancer cells is not worth investigating. Neither do they care how cannabis oil can shrink a brain tumour. There are ways to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells and these techniques enhance the immune function at the same time.

People have died from the diagnosis that they are given, albeit a false positive. You can certainly die from the treatment, as we know. Few people can survive the full onslaught of chemical poisoning with the resultant destruction of healthy cells and the vital function of the immune system. This is the legal way to get sick and be treated. The alternative may be illegal, but what the heck - it controls the cancer, you get well and your doctor loses another patient to a wacky plant cure. Why does this sound so crazy? It isn't and it is time we did our own homework. No longer can we believe the man in the white jacket."Trust me, I'm a doctor." Oh yeah?

Cancer is present where iodine is deficient - so why be afraid of iodine?

It is already well known that iodine can effectively kill cancer cells and this simple brown fluid outperforms chemo drugs like Fluorouracil. But who wants to make it so easy? Iodine does not destroy the immune system in the process! It can also slow down cell division and shrink blood vessel growth to tumours. This is because it helps to break down oestrogens that promote cell division (estradiol and 16-hydroxyestradiol) and then it helps to increase the amount of cancer fighting estrogens (estriol and 2-hydroxyestradiol.) Iodine also reduces what we call oestrogen dominance and unlike progesterone, it does not overburden the liver with metabolites that favour cell proliferation. The topical use of iodine desensitizes oestrogen receptors in the breast.

Iodine combined with magnesium and selenium for topical and transdermal use is proving to be a valuable treatment for cancer as well as other breast problems, especially fibrocystic breast disease. Iodine kills most of the pathogens that contribute to many types of cancer: gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mycobacteria, (moulds), fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoa. Most bacteria are killed within 15 to 30 seconds of contact. Skin cancer especially is easily treated with iodine as it is mainly the result of chronic infections, especially yeast and mould. This is also the case with breast cancer.

So now we can relax in a bath rich in iodine and magnesium and get all the benefits of a simple yet effective way of soaking up some cancer fighting potential! At the same time we can destroy skin infections and relax aching muscles. After the bath, we get some exercise by scooping out buckets of mineral rich water for our vegetable patch and pot plants. Orchids love it - I discovered. But at all costs, don't tell your oncologist!