For this article we wanted to review a popular movie called The Dark Knight. It's a 2008 film produced by Christopher Nolen based on DC Comic superhero batman. The film has grossed 500 million in box office receipts. In addition, it's also rated one of the top 100 movies of all time. In our opinion it's definitely deserving.

The Dark Knight takes place in Gotham city when the Joker robs a bank owned by the local mob. During this time Batman and local city officials are trying to move in on the mob. This prompts the mob accountant ( Lau ) to wire transfer assets out of the United States jurisdiction to Hong Kong. This prompts Batman to go after Lau and bring him back. After interrogating Lau he's finally convinced to testify against the mob. At this time the Joker goes to the mob and promises to kill Batman for a payment.

The mob declines the Jokers offer and the head mobster is killed as a result. The results in the Joker taking control of the mobs men. At this point the Joker issues an ultimatum that Batman reveal his identity or he'll kill people. After several high profile people are killed the Batman decides he should. Before revealing his identity as Bruce a local attorney Harvey reveals himself as Batman instead. This is to protect Bruce's identity. This results in Harvey being taken into protective custody.

However, that doesn't help as the Joker moves in to capture Harvey. After capturing him he sets up explosives in a building while simultaneously setting up another building to explode at the same time. The other building contains Harvey's girlfriend Rachel. Batman goes after Harvey while local police try to save Rachel. Batman manages to save Harvey who is extremely injured. While his girlfriend Rachel dies in the explosion. This leaves Harvey extremely angry at the situation.

To prevent spoilers I won't discuss the movie in any further detail. We will offer reviews by the community. Overall The Dark Knight managed to average a four out of five star rating. Some of the positive reviews include big time DC Comic fans who loved the movie. They enjoyed the follow up to the original Batman. Other negative reviews come from customers who just weren't happy with the customer service they received. Of course those reviews don't actually mention anything about the movie being bad. In our opinion the Dark Knight was a great movie!