Priced at $6.99 and made by Gameloft, the game is a big game that comes in an even bigger package, weighing in at a mighty 1.8GB. The Dark Night Rises takes the story of the movie of the same name (directed by Christopher Nolan) and ports it into a mobile game.

The story of the game is much the same as the movie, but it takes a backseat to the action and the game play of the game. The game play, which leaves a lot to be desired, is very clunky at times and the camera is very tricky to control. The combat system also leaves us wanting more variety, as it tends to lack the excitement of big battles as you get used to it and it can become more tedious with each battle. The battles don't get much harder after you get about half way through the game, so you have to make your own fun with them.

You do get a lot in the game for the price that you pay for it, but with an average rating of only 3.7 with over 17000 people rating, it leaves you wondering the overall quality of such a large game. It is comprised of quite a few missions in each chapter. Each mission will take you about ten minutes to complete.

The game's graphics are better than what you would expect from a mobile game, with the bat suit being portrayed excellently in the game, but the buildings and other important characters in the game have quite lacklustre models. With the models being questionable in their quality, it leaves you to wonder where such a large portion of the data needed to download to play the game went. It seems the guys at Gameloft didn't optimize their product really well.

While the graphics and the game play I can look past, the one thing that irked me was the need to purchase in game credits! While you may not have needed to buy them, I shouldn't have been prompted to buy them to get certain things in the game.

I had some troubles with the controls and I know that a lot of people did as well when they first picked up the game, even as if you need to have 3 thumbs to be able to play the game well. The camera was hard to control, as you would expect from any third person action game.

While the majority of this review has seemed bad, there were some great points about the game. The missions and the story tied in well together and they played nicely. The game play wasn't all that bad and according to some, the graphics look great on some devices. It was a good buy, but you could probably get better if you were able to buy the console variety in Arkham City or Arkham Asylum, but for a fun mobile game, it was fun and a good time killer, despite all the little issues that came along with it.[1]