Dark side of relationships

One of life's greatest pleasures are the relationships and deep level connections we forge with the people around us, however, if not taken care of well these treasures of pleasure can yield bleak consequences for those who become too dependent on them. To help understand this concept better let's imagine that relationships are like solar systems.

When we first get into relationships our lovers become essentially our Sun while we are the Earth. They radiate us with warmth and life and our whole world revolves around them. Without the Sun everything on Earth slowly dies, we become nothing but a bleak shell of nothingness, our whole life around us crumbles. Our work, friendships and sense of self falls deep into a pit of despair.

Of course I am only looking at the darker side of relationships to give you a rarer perspective rather than the pure bliss version it can take in which most people are more concerned with.

So why do people put their lovers at what I call an ‘Amorcentric reality’ (Where people’s lives revolve entirely around their lover’s)?

There is so much more to lose if your world depends solely on one being or in this case the Sun. If you become depressed and dwell in the confines of regret and despair, it only serves to pull you further down the spiral, destroying friendships, career, health, family and dreams.

It is quite common for most people in relationships to have this limiting view where they see their lover as their everything and become oblivious to the darker aspects that could possibly arise.

Instead a more realistic and empowering view of relationships can be taken by viewing relationships as a complementary system such as in the case where the partner is likened to the  ‘Moon’; a partner whose life moves along with yours on a journey around a Star (An extrinsic representation of life). That way irrespective of any light or darkness you face you know that someone will be by your side on this journey through life, be it this Star or another. Your life should not be dictated by one person’s influence, it should be a journey of exploration and growth through each others influence.

You may also think that there is only ‘The One’, the one person who you confide life’s conquests and tribulations in. Open your mind and know that there are literally billions of planets, and hence solar systems out there. Just open your eyes to the night sky and see just how much hope each speck of light can offer.